Magnus and Hikaru Face Off In Classical Chess After 4 YEARS!

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  1. I think Magnus is good at knowing what to do to take peace’s off the board break the opponent down I think that’s his main drive technique

  2. Hikaru did a good job I think Armageddon is kind of a stupid system

  3. Pretty odd that Hikaru lost on timeπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

  4. Kings gambit doesn't work against..king πŸ‘‘

  5. I loved the part when Magnus said "It's Magnus Time" and Magnussed all over Hikaru. The real plot twist was when Hikaru nutted all over Magnus. GOOD GAME GUYS.

  6. Wait, classical chess but a draw leads to straight to Armageddon? You’ve changed, classical.

  7. Was super excited for this one

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