London Chess Classic: IM Bartholomew vs. FM V. AP Karthik [Round 9]

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I’m playing the London Chess Classic FIDE Open Dec. 4-11. This is analysis of my Round 9 game against FM V. AP Karthik (2310).

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  1. A very good tournament really. 6 out 0f 9 is very respectable. personally I loved your videos because they went into such depth and, moreover, they were very honest and frank. Your loss against Bok was interesting as your wins and draws. Best of luck getting your GM norms shortly.

  2. Great coverage of the tournament!
    Tanks for the work you put into making these videos and keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Enjoyed your videos from the London event, You definitely played 2 very underrated players,especially your last round opponent Karthik he's definitely a 2400 + player a future GM too in my opinion.
    You have the right attitude to concentrate on improving your chess and not think to much about achieving GM norms, if you continue to improve they will definitely come your way.
    Keep the good work up.

  4. rooting for you, dude!
    super glad i found a good content creator who uploads morning videos. gives me some great stuff to watch while i eat breakfast.

  5. Hey John, nice to see this vid. I think you made a typo in the description. Labeled as round 8. Cheers!

  6. Thank you John. I have been viewing you almost daily for past few months. My rating has gone up 1400-1600. Great channel!

  7. tough game indeed ..a draw is a draw, and improvement is on the horizon! thanks for all the tournament games with review on your site. what's next?

  8. Super disappointed noone dared 1.e4 against you this tournament…
    Still waiting on the #teamscandi tshirts!

  9. Fantastic tournament coverage, lessons in every game review, wow. You are a superb dude. And we can see it. You've earned our support, and we're rooting for you big time #teamscandi My first tournament in yeaaaars is going to be at the Cardinal Open in Columbus, Ohio – last weekend of January. If your schedule permits, I would love to get you to sign my d5 square 😉 Best of luck in Vegas!

  10. Sometimes I won't analyze my games out of fear of doing it wrong/not spending enough time. Any Goals for analyzing one's game? 30 mins? 2 hrs? All day?

  11. This series was fantastic. Thank you!!

  12. Is there any easy way to learn all important opening variations?

  13. in the Description you have Written Round 8:)..

  14. Hi John what performance do you need for a GM norn in a tournament also when and where did you achieve your first one? Thanks.

  15. Watching your videos is like talking a walk through the forest, all calm and beautiful, as someone points out that behind every tree a goblin is hiding, ready to eat you alive.

  16. Great videos on your tournament games and great attitude. I've decided to support your channel two months ago and I would encourage other dedicated listeners to do the same.

    I think it's important to donate even small amounts of money on a regular basis to good authors to encourage them to go on with the production of good contents.

  17. Damn I finished calculation too early. I rejected Rc2 because I noticed black would win a pawn and didn't see Rxd6 at the end of the line. Nice analysis, John! Wish you all the better luck next time with the GM norm!

  18. oooooh! 14…Bh6! is nasty!!

    Thank you John for these analyses, keep them coming! Cheers

  19. Good "luck" in Las Vegas and thanx for great great videos!

  20. He definitely should have played on there… that B pawn weakness looked like good positional torture should he have gone into an endgame… I bet you'd be drooling in black's position John lol

  21. Your ongoing analysis of these games makes it really awesome to follow you. So the thanks really should go to you!

    Btw, I assume one non GM-norm tourny you'll play in is the closed MN championship? Any chance you do this same thing for that? Perhaps it will give you that extra motivation to take the title belt from Nagle and get started on catching up to his 7 wins, ;).

  22. fantastic series, i agree with the other guys. compliments. hope u will be GM soon

  23. hey John, thanks so much for sharing your games and your insights !
    just keep getting better, we depend on you 🙂

  24. I love these videos the most. In these you have time to explain in detail whats going on, much more so than in the standard games and especially the blitz games.
    I wish you good luck with getting that GM norm. Im sure you'll get it soon.
    Keep up the good work 🙂 🙂

  25. Congrats for a good tourney. Great channel analysis, as usual! Thank you!

  26. Hi Luis. Thank you! I recommend to keep watching and learning from IM john Bartholomew. He is helping me learn all phases of the game. Especially openings and middle game tactics and strategy. Other great book coaches are Jeremy Silman and Yasser Seirewan. Good Luck!

  27. Thanks for all the insights through the tourney John, the analysis as the tournament progressed made it feel like being there. A real privilege for the audience!

  28. If you could, it would be great if you analyzed your game with GM Benjamin Bok. No shame in losing against someone who was playing at that level, and eventually ended up winning the tournament.

  29. very pleasing and insightful analysis of your games! Really helpful to think alongside with you as you go over the moves. Hope to see more of these, keep it up 🙂

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