London Chess Classic 2017 Round 2 Maxime Vachier-Lagrave v Hikaru Nakamura

Daniel King analyses Maxime Vachier-Lagrave v Hikaru Nakamura from Round 2 of the London Chess Classic 2017
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  1. by far the best analysis in English that's on the internet that I'm aware of,  thank you Daniel

  2. The 1080p is looking AMAZING !! Thank you for a great commentary as always.

  3. Very entertaining game with 1st class analysis. Love the comment about MVL'S King being in Siberia 😂

  4. how can Kramnic get a wildcard to Candidates and not MVL ? that is just a poor decision !?

  5. Very good that you fixed the technical issues with the voice recording.

  6. What was the sound issue in the last video exactly (in case others encounter the same problem) ?
    EXCELLENT analysis !!

  7. Nakamura prepared the line but didnt get to use it? He prepared the line with MVL’s opening in mind?

  8. Thanks for fixing the sound, Danny. Also, I'm really glad you gave us the computer engine's perspective of the position so often throughout the game – it is both fascinating and instructive to compare with the human eye! I would encourage you to continue to do this for future videos.

  9. Nice explanation, in the last position instead of white Kc5, c4 doesn't help?

  10. I loved the dragon – about 25 years ago when there were no (strong) computers. The reason was exactly these odd positions, no one likes to comfortably play. And once one of my favorite opponents said: " this system is crab – but over and over you succeed to twist out of that and finally just have more material."

  11. I just get so much out of watching your analysis of games. Thank you sir for another great video!

  12. Super analysis, thank you. So enterprising of Naka to play the Dragon! Who expected to see it at the top level (these days the Dragon essayers usually trot out this defense against weaker opponents) and nice to see Naka not only playing it but surviving too!

  13. Amazing commentary, as always. As long as you keep making these videos, I'll keep watching. Any plans on covering the AlphaZero Stockfish match?

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