London Chess Classic 2016 Round 6 Caruana v Nakamura and Topalov v So

Daniel King analyses game Caruana v Nakamura and Topalov v So from the London Chess Classic 2016
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  1. i literally just now this hour realized gm king was commentating those games 22 years ago and doing an amazing job. wow. basically there's never been another chess commentator on video, and frankly there's never been a need for another one.

  2. Very unusual. I can't think of any other game where a player did sac his Q for two minor pieces where it was purely positional and not leading directly to checkmate. It would be more sensational if was not obviously home prep. "Tal ex machina".

  3. so was the queen sacrifice not good with best play from black?

  4. Nice video as usual. Great effort for Caruana. Why are Caruana and Nakamura not friends?

  5. This analysis is far better than even the live coverage!

  6. there was also an even more beautiful smothered mate in the so/topi game that topi might have allowed wesley on the board

  7. It must be an awful feeling to get out-prepared. When you see this kind of Queen sac you know you are almost certainly doomed. Naka probably spent most of his 35-minute think mentally cursing his life.

  8. Great game analysis as always.
    Btw, Aman Hambleton explains in his video why Caruana might have played the mysterious 29.b5 before Nxf7+.

  9. Very interesting that Naka totally missed 19.Qf6! in his preparation; – at least for my (very limited) FM skills , it was indeed (as it seems in classic fashion highly logical to gain control over the whole board, for the mere gift of a crippled black queen) my first candidate. 😉 Even the material investment is not that huge, when compared to other usual sacrificial onslaughts in the Sicilian.
    Must be that he got driven away by the engine assessment, starting with the very none-human 15…b4, and thus did not check the line by himself. As Naka saw the move on the board, he certainly knew that his position was doomed.

  10. These sacrifices don't impress me anymore. All they are, are computer moves replicated on the board by grandmasters. Chess 960 may be the only hope for chess with all these memorizing of moves by the elite.

  11. daniel i am surprised u didn't consider the possibility of 23.Nd6 in caruana game

  12. This was Caruana's immortal game. Whites king was in no danger during th whole game.He was sitting on his couch on c1 and watched the game.Meanwhile Black's king had to fear for his life with all whites forces around him.And not only Black's king, Black's queen also had to fear to get trapped.The queen is made to attack and to checkmate the opposites king and not to defend.Usually you can exchange one defending piece against one attacking piece.But there were too many black pieces around White's king.There was a very good Training Tuesday Show from IM Mostrovski on chess24.It was called : When the Knight rides a war horse.In this game two black Knights were sitting on war horses.

  13. Daniel, what do you think has led to So's amazing improvement over the last year? He has gone from last in the 2015 Grand Chess Tour to the winner of Millionaire Chess and the likely winner of the 2016 Tour. Superb play all year.

  14. This chess is so much more fun than the WC.

  15. I think the first game raises some uncomfortable questions about modern chess and the power of engine prep. Here's a question which player "should" be stronger? A 2800 player with a normal memory or a 2000 rated player with an exceptional memory or a person who never played chess before with a perfect memory?

  16. Daniel, in the live feed I was watching the experts were saying that instead of 23. Rxd6, a better and more clinical move was Nxd6+ followed by 24 Bf5. (apparently John Nunn was particularly sweet on this). Can you explain how the continuation would have gone please because its not clear to me. Thanks ever so much for your excellent videos 🙂

  17. Wow. Wesley! Calm down my friend! butal game and a complete disaster for Topalov, but it´s hard to foresee the opponent going batshit insane on you o.o

  18. GM King: bravo! How do we find you on Patreon?

  19. Man naka vs fab… unbelievable… great games

  20. Naka´s problem is that his queen is effectively trapped and he must pay more attention to defending his queen than to protecting his king.

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