London Chess Classic 2016 Round 2 Anand v MVL and So v Adams and Topalov v Caruana

Daniel King analyses games Anand v MVL and So v Adams and Topalov v Caruana from the London Chess Classic 2016

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  1. 6:53 he has two bishops, two pawns and two bishops 🙂 Daniel you are the best, great analysis.

  2. Topalov v Caruana was a mess
    ,a fine one ,
    despite Caruana winning 😞

  3. Thanks for your analysis! I've always liked Wesley So's play. It has a certain elegance to it. I think he has a great future.

  4. There might be a reason why Caruana has 2823 Elo… amazing finish despite time pressure! Imagine finding those moves in a blitz game…

  5. Looks like 2800 is the new super GM bench-mark.Do you think its better engines/study methods or chasing Carlsen bringing the ratings up across the board?

  6. Excellent strategy / tactics from Anand great game for him. Thanks for the analysis Daniel. All the best.

  7. Is it correct to assume that, in the Anand-Lagrave game, the avoiding of exchanging Queens after 27. Qe2, by for example playing the seemingly menacing Qa4, would have been met with 28. Nb7! threatening Qe5 and some other tactics as well?

  8. What a final game Topalov lost!

  9. Queen and Knight endgames are always exciting to watch

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