London Chess Classic 2016 Round 1 Nakamura v So and Kramnik v Topalov

Daniel King analyses games Nakamura v So and Kramnik v Topalov from the London Chess Classic 2016

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  1. All the "throat problems"" or "swallowing" is an unnecessary attempt to appear "educated" … No worries, Danny: YOU ARE! ;O)

  2. Another great one dan. Looking forward to seeing how MVL is gonna do in this tournament.

  3. Giri made a draw? Who could have predicted that?

  4. Daniel who are you and Lawrence Trent commentating for and is there an online broadcast? Your live commentary was alluded to several times by Maurice Ashley during your brief interviews with him but it was never mentioned where exactly one could view your live commentary which was rather frustrating.

  5. Great stuff thanks Daniel especially liked the Kramnik game. All the best

  6. What a game and what a rivalry between these two guys!

  7. Vlad is short for Vladislav, not Vladimir; short for the latter is Vova, or Volodya. Though admittedly, Vlad Kramnik sounds way more cool, like Dracula or something 🙂 And it is acceptable, just not that common.

  8. Love your videos. Would love to see you and Peter Svidler doing the live commentary. You are both straightforward and make watching chess exiting.By the way,is there any chance, that you will play a Banter Blitz session (3 and 5 min games against premium members) at chess24 ?

  9. Kramnik's game was incredible. So deep understanding of chess.

  10. That pawn on c7 from Kramnik reminds me of that game from Anand at the 2014 WC, just protected differently. Also, some shocking blunders too, for 2700 players!

  11. Daniel left out the finishing blow in Naka-So game, Black's non-intuitive 29… Re8! Only move. Only move to win quickly, the point being that if Whtie tries to save his f4 pawn after 30 Rxe8ch Kxe8 31 Bd2 Re4ch! wins a piece. Very nice finishing combo.

  12. I think Nakamura did say he'd messed up the move order from his preparation.

  13. Easily the most erotic chess commentary on youtube. Thanks "big pawn centre".

  14. That was a pretty bad blunder from Nakamura but every human makes them.

  15. remember when nakamura said he is magnus carlsens rival hahahahahahha

  16. interesting naka lost on his birthday, jan gustaff in his wc coverage was sayoing statistically your way more likely to lose a game on your birthday, i know i did, did any of you guys ?

  17. Topalov has a real problem of allowing pawns to reach the 7th rank when he could simply take them and have an easy game, he made this very same mistake against Fabiano in round 2 and lost again

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