London Chess Classic 2015 Round 9 Highlights

Daniel King analyses the game Carlsen vs Grischuk and Varseln MVL from round 9 and the following TB of the London Chess Classic!
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  1. It's easy to say, that for some reason Carlsen often 'gets lucky' — but he wouldn't get lucky unless his gambling actually stacks, albeit sometimes purely psychologically, the odds in his favour. There are so many games where Carlsen according to computer logic 'should have lost', yet he didn't. There is a famous game with Carlsen as Black against Hikamura, where he manages to win from a theoretically lost position. Then there was the game in the World Championship against Anand when the latter missed an easy win after a 'blunder' by Carlsen. True, Carlsen sometimes does lose, but he continues to experiment with 'untheoretical' openings to find new inroads. One of the games that I particularly relished from the WC match against Anand, is the one in which he bounces his Queen around like a billiard ball on the Queen side only to come up with a truly miraculous save on the finishing line against what you, Daniel King, at the time called 'White's caveman attack' on the Kingside! Could you, or anybody else for that matter, please remind which game that was? Carlsen's Queen and Knight moves in this game against Grishuk, when under deadly attack, shows the same sang froid, and you've got to admire the guy, not only for his tremendous skill as a chess player, but also for his well calculated daring.

  2. Magnus is like Germany – "Chess is a simple game. 10 men play chess for 9 rounds and at the end, Magnus always wins."

  3. i never like these rapid playoffs. they totally defeat the point of a classical chess tournament. they should've just stuck with shared first with a split of the points. even simply using the tiebreak to determine the winner would be slightly better than this.

  4. I don't know how you can call missing a winning continuation for "not a bad move".I call that blundering heh

  5. Magnus had his worst chess year in his career dropping around 50 elo points from his highest ever rating still he won Shamkir,World Rapid, London Chess Classic and the Grand Chess Tour 🙂

  6. Great, appreciate your explanation of the R + p ending. At the moment MVL resigned, the commentators at the official website were concluding that the game was a draw, and one of those was Grishuk too.

  7. Daniel although you are already King,you're still improving video after video!
    Thanks and sorry for this Frenchman I was rooting for.

  8. That Rook ending will be forever a classic of keeping In your face pressure in a drawn situation. GM.Ward thought it was a draw handshake even after the game finished. The look on his face was priceless! Like leaving the seat up in the loo! My Word!!

  9. Thanks for the great coverage of this tournament Mr. King. Looking forward to the Qatar tournament now 🙂

  10. What can I say.. Some people are just incredibly lucky. It's life!
    (Of course Magnus did play well when it mattered)

  11. Thanks for the great coverage of this event Daniel. As always the commentary was excellent and exciting. I"m happy for Magnus, who despite having a somewhat out of form year, still managed to win this classic tournament, and the Grand Chess Tour.

  12. Amazing content as usual Mr. King! Thanks for the great coverage!

  13. Thanks for the coverage – live and on powerplay! It's hilarious MVL and Grischuk are out of the tournament next year, I hope they do something about the respective rules.

    Esp. MVL winning against Giri even after a long classic game deserved more than the boot. And the selection purely based on elo promotes draw-ish play and hinders bold, but flawed players like Grischuk. Maybe a draw should give only 1/4 points to both players, unlike the current 2x draw equals 1x win?

  14. Could someone tell me what analysis application this is? Thanks!

  15. What's wrong with shared 1st? Why there has to be an outright winner?

    Not to mention that the playoff rules are ridiculous. Why not all play all? MVL was at a huge disadvantage.

  16. hei Daniel. What about carlsens form ? He has , despite he won it all, not been in the best om form. Personally i think we saw it already in the second acounter against anand. Its clearly that he has had som problems and really had som terrible losses. Will he come back to his "old himselve" and what has happened to him this year ?

  17. Much thanks to Danny and all the broadcasters for a great job with this event. Really enjoyed the coverage throughout the tourney.

    Rapid tiebreaks aren't such a big deal to me. Classical chess has overwhelmingly become draws. It doesn't hurt to force players to keep themselves sharp in blitz and rapid in case they need tiebreakers. Frankly I like having a mix of classical and rapid games within the tournament.

  18. Great coverage, look forward to more analysis and comments from you, Daniel!!

  19. oops white can just take the knight sorry

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