London Chess Classic 2015 Round 6 Highlights

Daniel King analyses the games Veselin Topalov vs Micahel Adams and Alexander Grischuk vs Viswanathan Anand from round 6 of the London Chess Classic!
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  1. I love your comments Danny. Especially these ones : European Team Championship 2015 Reykjavik Round 3 Highlights
    In fact that queen is just a deadly piece in this position. (Aronian vs Carlsen)
    And this is the hardest working queen in round three…. It is like a heat seeking missle. ( Rapport vs. Fressinet)

  2. It appears that Mickey can give odds of the exchange to one of the world's so-called 'elite' players.

  3. The gods don't like Topalov… Too much stress this game is! Can't think of another sport that is so demanding on the nerves, especially if you top it off with such a prize pool!

  4. Are you exploiting his stay in London to get some fashion tips from Levon Aronian, Mr. King? ahahahah

    Nice video anyway….

  5. Awsome 44…Kg7 move by Adams. It defends h7 and at the same time frees the f7 square for the queen if white would go 45.Qc7+. These are the hardest moves to spot

  6. In the Anand game, I thought Bd5 does work, because after 41.Ra5, then g4

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