LIVE Blitz Chess Commentary #311: Nimzo-Indian Defense, Classical

This is a blitz chess game I played as black with time control 3|2. The opening was the Nimzo-Indian Defense, Classical variation.

Playing site:



  1. it gives me anxiety to see you playing with 4 seconds. great playing

  2. Putting the stock fish evaluation was brilliant 🙂 THANKS!

  3. 1:46 "i can put to use my time advantage" opponent has 50% more time than you………..

  4. Watching so many of you're videos hoping it will make me better…. Think it's working. Went from a 600 rating to 700…. hopefully I keep going up

  5. Thanks Jerry.  These are my favorite type of your videos.

  6. with the computer already tired of playing with people easier to play? )))

  7. Hey Jerry! Can I ask exactly which stockfish engine do you use and how you use it? I've been just using Lichess computer analysis and that doesn't give the centipawn loss in real time, just an average. Really looking forward to improve my play.

  8. How do you put stockfish on your game so easily? In order to use stockfish I have to download ICC and I have to input each move manually to get analysis.

  9. Why not RxF3? I suck at chess, someone please explain why that is a bad move 🙂

  10. Why don't you ever post when you lose? You can really give insight on that kind of thing…

  11. Hey Jerry.. how do you use to use stockfish with Or do you just DL the PGN from and load stockfish engine with your normal gui-frontend and it has nothing to do with

  12. Is there any program that analyse games like this? I'm not a premium user on so i can't analyse there, i love those numbers…

  13. Stockfish evaluation at the end was great. Makes a big difference.

  14. Jerry – these are by far, your best videos (I hope the amount of watches and likes proves that).

    Thank you for bringing these back recently!

  15. How do you use Stockfish engine in Chess(dot)com ?? I am unable to find an option to enable an engine.

  16. Yes! Stockfish rating back on the screen! I love it!

  17. hey jerry nice game. could u please share the link to download stockfish 🙂

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