FIDE titled chess player Andrew Tang plays the Yearly Classical (!)

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at


  1. First time I'm watching Andrew play a time control slower than bullet lol

  2. Classical shouldn't be at least 40 min? Man, I was too hyped about the video :/

  3. if you look closely at the bottom left of the screen, you will notice a chessboard

    Tang's ultimate winning move was the use of the term "nonafry" at 3:58:00

  5. Yo Andrew my man this is holychess666 from Somalia how u doing congrats on winning the rega blitz tournament I watched the stream of u and amon duking it out just wow. & I finally reached 1449 on lichess am going for 1500 today wish me luck buddy I hope u still remember that u played me a while back 🙂

  6. pls tell me how to make rows when i play in lichess…

  7. What is this voice in his videos? Is it computer generated, like a commentary feature of lichess? But why does it have this Russian accent then? I don't get it. And why does he listen to it, isn't it distracting him (as well as annoying most viewers)?

  8. melhor que A5 so trocar as rainhas,aliviarinha apreçao e jogo seria mais lento pro Adversario

  9. who the fuck is mumbling in the background we don't need that gosh.

  10. 1:26:30 lol funny!! awesome video overall I hope to see more. Thanks for making the content.

  11. Why don't you ever listen? Turn that stupid voice OFF!!!!!

  12. Based on how many browser tabs are opened I would recommend Tree Style Tabs in Firefox, search for screenshots, it's amazing.

  13. 3:54:41 penguin was in a hurry i understand but there was a very cool tactic in the form of Rxh3 Qxh3 and Qxg7+! Kxg7 gxh3 winning a piece

  14. Peng!!!! Do more classical. It's more relaxing to listen to

  15. Watch at twice the speed. You're welcome

  16. 159:15 Isn't that cheating….having members of the stream help you out with your moves??

  17. Dude that smile on your face at the end is pure joy 😀

  18. By the way, you never had those 4 points deducted so yay

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