Levon Aronian vs. Hikaru Nakamura – 2012 London Chess Classic


Levon Aronian played against Hikaru Nakamura in Round 1 of the 2012 London Chess Classic. Aronian’s opening move of c4 was met by Nakamura with the Symmetrical English, c5

Internet Chess Club (ICC)


  1. Thank you for deleting those stupid comments Jerry. I love your videos.

  2. hahhaha,thats great Jerry..keep them coming….rd2===total mess for Aronian…

  3. No ads! Gotta respect that. It makes this channel that much better.

  4. You have to remember that long time control games are more common with players of Aronian or Nakamura's strength. 20 minutes is a relatively short amount of time when the other player has, say, 30-60 minutes left.

    Also remember that when Jerry plays blitz and has 10 seconds left, his opponent has a short amount of time to come up with a refutation. Carlsen with 10 seconds left would lose to Jerry if Jerry had an hour left – just how it works.

  5. Another great video. One of the questions I constantly ask myself when looking at Master games is "Why did he/she play that move?" You always do an excellent job answering that question, and it's especially instructive because when I don't understand the ideas behind the move, you explain them very well and show lines that I miss in my own analysis. Thanks again; I think your videos are the best on YouTube and I've learned a ton from your commentary.

  6. What a great start by Naka! I never expected him to beat the world’s #2 with the black pieces. And thanks to Jerry, of course, for demystifying the super GM moves that even patzers, like me, could easily follow and understand.

  7. Not qualified to talk about the game, but that's a gruesome colour/color scheme.

  8. I definitely got something out of it! 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

  9. chessnetwork inspired me to make chess videos 🙂

  10. Love Nakamura…aggressive play is my favorite…

  11. Hi Jerry. I love your videos and i watch them with a great passion each time 🙂 but there is one thing that disappoints me. Im from Azerbaijan, and i dont know why, but nobody on youtube does analyzes of one of Teimour Radjabov's games, who is the world No 4 right now. i wanted to ask you if it is possible for you to analyze the game between Garry Kasparov (white) and Teimour Radjabov (black) in the year 2003, when he was 12 and beat Kasparov with black pieces.

  12. London Chess Classics is definitely my favorite chess tournament. Everything around it is just great. Followed Daniel Kings live broadcast from last year as much as I could and that was a joy. Looking forward to a few highlighted chessnetwork games too^^

  13. well not that i disagree with anything you said but if your looking to get better at chess i would recommend MatoJelic and Onlinechesslessons and with those 2 + chessnetwork i usually have my weeks study cut out for me.

  14. wait, there are some movies that white can do, but eventually is gonna lose

  15. This is a problem, But I think I found the solution:
    Step 1 is simple: create a new account.
    Step 2 might be a bit of a challenge: stop being insulting little douchebag.

  16. Questioning the moves that appear atypical to oneself and trying to come up with reasons for such decisions will lead to an improved game, I think. 🙂
    I'm happy to know that you're benefiting.

  17. "Aronian might have been thinking that Nakamura had a computer" made my day 🙂

  18. Im subscribed to him too, and watched the video. but it is very rare to see his games analyzed.

  19. hey Jerry could you do an analysis of another game in the Classic please. It would be really nice.

  20. First of all it was a bit surprising that Aronian used English opening and even more surprising was how he got outplayed in the opening. Maybe he expected it to transpose to something else.

  21. Good analysis.

    Two things: Why the continual mispronunciation of Nakamura's name? You keep saying NakamIra. It's NakamUra.
    And you sorely need to change the chess set that your software displays. The shaded icons that you are using are distracting and difficult to read. Far better are the more iconic sets used by Mato Jelic and Sean G. Godley.

  22. on 13:05 couldn't he played nb6 , and after bishop takes night on b6 , you do na6 , and you exchanged night for 2 pawns , or am I missing something?

  23. He's always serious in this type of analisis videos. If you want to have fun, go watch his warzone tournaments, their just hilarious!

  24. No because white has a bisschop on g2… so Bf1 would uncheck it.

  25. jerry u run some chess training courses?

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