Let The Games Begin! | Superbet Chess Classic Game 1

The Superbet Chess Classic is the first stop of the 2023 Grand Chess Tour season. Fabiano will face the best players in the world, including the new world champion, Ding Liren, and the fashion icon Alireza Firouzja. The daily recaps will be focused on Fabi’s games.

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  1. Awesome! But I prefer Fabi's Spanish (with an anti-Berlin (4.d3) or an anti-Marshal (8.a4)).

  2. Gosh. It's a super-strong tournament. And in Romania!

  3. Robe slay damn
    Thanks for the recap

  4. Thanks for the recap. All the luck for Fabiano

  5. Can we get fabi also to recap his games with you

  6. Just think about this, the lowest rating in this tournament is of Bogdan Deac who have a 2700 ELO rating! What in incredible and strong chess event! Greetings from Romania.

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  8. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but at 22:03, after Bc4, why can't black play Nxe4? After Bxe4, obviously white can play Bxc5 removing the defender. But I don't see the refutation to Nxe4

  9. Don't talk shit bout Cristian. His fade could steal ur girl.

  10. Bro u look like you’ve just came from a massage and facial

  11. You have the best intro music ever – like ASMR every time ❤️😄 draws me in to the rest of the podcast 🙂

  12. lol need these two both in robes for the next pod. 😂😂😍😍

  13. Devil works hard, but c2 podcast team works harder. Thanks for recap!

  14. thanks for the updateeee!! go for the win fabi!!!!!

  15. Good lord, this is fantastic! Thanks Christian! Thanks Fabi! Love you guys; best new podcast on the planet.

  16. appreciate the recap! looking fwd to more podcast eps too (:

  17. Thank you Christian. Missed fabi in this one

  18. Thank you, Cristian. Excellent analisis.

  19. Must be nice for you Cristian for being in your home country and enjoy the event there! Hope you have a great time there. Also, tbh a little vlog won't hurt y'know. 😂

  20. I though Fabiano was going to win…his position seemed superior to me in middle game

  21. Christian is such a good commentator. The accent does not hurt!!

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