LEGO Classic Chess Set

I show you how to create an elegant set of Chess pieces out of basic LEGO elements that will bring the family hours of fun.

Feel free to let your imagination run wild with colors for a truly unique twist on a classic past time.


  1. where i can get the instruction 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. میشه بگید این را از کجا تهیه میشه کرد

  3. Very cool! We have a chess set on our channel as well. But ours is a different style.

  4. Superb work mate!👍 Hope you and the family are all safe and well.

  5. Hi Henry, hope you and your family are well

  6. Is there a parts list we can get for the people who wants to build this.

  7. Please continue the how to build big mechs series please

  8. This would be a good collecter's set

  9. Please provide a parts list so we can build this!!!!

  10. These arw way better looking than the official lego set.

  11. Hi… Can you provide a list of pieces???? Please…. I really like it

  12. Parts list please! Also, build the board!

  13. Very nice! You deserve more views and likes than this

  14. Seriously too good. This would tickle my Dad PINK. Beautiful Henry.

  15. i've done the parts lists but it will cost so much money to make

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