Kramnik DEMOLISHES Kasparov !! – Classic 1990s Chess Footage (Intel Grand Prix 1995)

Daniel King commentating on Garry Kasparov at the Intel Grand Prix at the peak of his career. One of the most expensive chess video series ever made, what could be better! Get instant digital access to the rest of this 7 hour chess series with 35% off!!

The 1995 Intel Grand Prix Series was an incredibly exciting series of chess tournaments held in different major cities throughout the world, featuring a knockout format of rapidplay and blitz chess to decide the ultimate champion among the world’s best players of the time (including Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, Vassily Ivanchuk and Michael Adams).

With big cash prizes of $30,000 for 1st place AND an extra $50,000 for the top ranked player across each of the legs, no-one was holding back! The whole event was packed with double-edged attacking games, frantically commentated on by GMs Maurice Ashley and Daniel King.

The final saw the ultimate matchup: Garry Kasparov vs Vladimir Kramnik! Garry Kasparov may have been the world chess champion but he wasnt the overwhelming favorite against a young Kramnik who many, Kasparov included, were calling a genius.

This chess video covers the first game of the final. Garry Kasparov has White and opens 1.e4. Kramnik counters with 圭5 the Sicilian Defense. Anyone expecting an opposite-side castling, all-out attack on both sides of the board would be disappointed for now. The queens came off as early as move 11 and it became apparent that Kramnik was happy to accept a passive, but solid, position, giving Kasparov an extra file of space to operate in.

Garry Kasparov claims more and more space, every piece of his slightly better than its Black counterpart. GMs Maurice Ashley and Daniel King can barely bear the tension as it seems Kramniks position must collapse at any moment but somehow he keeps finding a solution.

Then, suddenly and without warning, Black has a threat of his own: winning a pawn. And while Whites position looks decent, the Grandmasters commentating struggle to find a good move.

Kasparov lets the pawn go. His king position is way better than Blacks and he has the bishop pair.

But one pawn becomes two. Could Garry Kasparov lose this?
Check out this classic chess footage of 2 great chess world champions going head-to-head in a game that has it all!

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  1. Brilliant exciting commentary. It was Kasparov's undoing and Kramnik's calmness that tilted the game in favour of the latter. White had so much space albeit prematurely and the way black maneuvered it's pieces is a delight to watch. Kramnik truly personified the cliched quote "Calm before the storm".

  2. It織funny both commentators were asking why Kasparov didnt move Kd4 but they overlooked the knight fork on d3

  3. Commentators went too much in glorifing Kasparov's position.

  4. At 20:44, when he took the pawn, did he just blundered the Bishop? I mean, I checked this position after thinking a lot, but there's nothing here

  5. Kraminik is underrated. Kraminik and Anand are on same level

  6. Incredible defensive resources by Kasparov with a piece down! Amazing how Kramnik found the winning sequence. After f5+, Kd4 was a draw !!

  7. Commentary adds nothing. Its not a game of football. Kasparov always shakes his head. They are only looking a few moves ahead at most, so just guessing what is happening. Just a load of useless noise and drama.

  8. Kasparov is useless out of his home preparation

  9. One of the commentator sounds like Bobby Fischer.

  10. The funniest chess commentary ever. "White… A lot of possibilities." "Now compare this with black… Kasparov has a clear advantage here." "Looks ripe for some kind of tactic…" "Maybe he can do it." "Such a big spatial advantage… So many moves… Meanwhile, Kramnik's pieces looking miserable…" "Gradually squeezing…" "No doubt about it." "No reason to do anything fancy." "The difference between the two positions is just huge. No doubt about it." "Kramnik may not be on the top of his game…"

    "He's so cool." "Okay, c5 has been played." "Still extremely unpleasant." "But maybe…" "If he could exchange rooks…" "This is disgusting"

    "Can he keep control?… That's a strange move…" "Shaking his head there." "And suddenly Kramnik is back in the game!" "He's so cool!"

    "Much more close to a draw… Still not easy." "Surprising!" "Strange maneuvers!" "Kasparov senses that danger…" "This guy Kramnik is amazing the way he fights back!"

    "And Kramnik is up a pawn!" "Oh man!" "He's shaking his head, he's gotta move!" "He must give the bishop away!" "That's it!" "Is there another trick?" "What's happening?" "He's in danger of losing." "Dead lost!" "Kasparov just making moves now.." "Trying to compose himself." "Distraught."

    "We still have to solve the mystery!"

  11. I love how expert commentators get it wrong, love it, go Kramink

  12. Look at 5:29 ….maybe Kd5!? would have been saved the game….or better suposition is acctualy wined it due to ed5 ,kf5 check with both good continuation kg7 check and take e8 bishop

  13. And of course you want to have your king in the center of the board…

    Aaaannnnndddd, Im out.

  14. Kasparov would be the worst poker player the world has ever seen.

  15. Only guy to show expressions while playing chess

  16. Kramnik. Probably the only player in the world who didn't fear the Big Man

  17. It's not 'footage' if you don't use film.
    This was a recording!
    Also known as a VIDEO

  18. I saw around 1998 perhaps even earlier that Kramnik is also great genius, in a Blitz game

  19. From 1991 i preparing against Kramnik and i found one 'weakness' in Sicilian he liked Qb6 as Benk but this is terrible risky if White does not afraid of loosing one brave pawn and so White can make Black as very passive.

  20. nothing brilliant here, he gave him 10 moves to untangle then blundered 2 pawns

  21. 9:15 A rare incident when Maurice got away with his 'smooth' remark before magnus was around

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