King’s Indian – never back down | Fabiano Caruana vs Hikaru Nakamura | London Chess Classic 2018

GM Daniel King examines the game Fabiano Caruana vs Hikaru Nakamura | London Chess Classic 2018. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal:

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  1. Mein Chessable Kurs – 'Kings Anti-Sizilianer für Schwarz' – ist jetzt auf Deutsch verfügbar! Kaufen Sie es mit Einführungsangebot! Kings Anti-Sizilianer für Schwarz ist ein komplettes Repertoire gegen fast alle anti-sizilianischen Antworten von Weiß. Der Kurs richtet sich an alle, die Sizilianisch spielen, und ist besonders für diejenigen geeignet, die der Kalaschnikow-Variante folgen − mit dem Aufbau 1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 Sc6.

  2. Thanks a lot! Daniel King covering loads of King's Indian… smacks of nepotism 😉

  3. g5 also necessary so the g7 rook doesn’t deliver a check with a capture
    on f5.

  4. Your last video made me think that I could play the KID again, the mechanical version of the missed win for Caruana reminds me of the many painful losses which have stopped me playing it. Thanks Daniel.

  5. I think Tal would have found the winning continuation that Caruana missed. That man never took a step backwards. Thank you GM King for the great analysis as always.

  6. Qxg7+ looks to me like it works although the remaining video suggests otherwise! By the way, when is the Powerplay Chess tea range coming out (always Yorkshire for me despite being Mancunian!?). The KID generally makes for interesting games although I always preferred the Benko Gambit especially if white takes the pawn as the initiative lasts for ages.

  7. The white kingside attack reminded me of the classic encounter between Geller vs Euwe from Zurich 1953.

  8. My Database calls it the Makagonov system but I can't say I have ever heard of him.

  9. Hey wait a minute, is there a King's King's Indian course in the making?

  10. I’ve been playing this h3 line as white for about two years now and even though Caruana didn’t spot the win this was one of the first model games I looked at. Such a shame he didn’t because that g5/Nf5 combo is fantastic

  11. There is in every Chess game The Critical Moment where one must consider all possible apparently insane moves as well as normal moves. Or so Spassky said. I would think that Fabi, knowing his weakness in Blitz, would by now know that he needs to trust the power of his position and plunge on ahead instead of retreating to a safe position. Mayhaps he needs to take a look at games where sac's are prominent. Good show as usual.

  12. Instead of retreating the Queen or playing g5, can't the queen just capture the rook on g7? King has to recapture, then Rh7+, Kg8, Rh8+, Kg7 and then the other rook mates.

  13. Simply sad, all the way attack and can't eliminate the final defense

  14. The former seven times snooker world champion Stephen Hendry started his YouTube channel only six months ago and has already more than 100000 subscribers. Alright, Daniel King was never world champion, but on the other hand he's doing a better job imo. And chess should have a much broader international appeal than snooker. But Hendry no doubt has better and richer sponsors who are doing some legwork.

  15. Been waiting for this line – White considers the safety of his own King by, somewhat paradoxically, moving it closer to the action! Still a complex position, but I wouldn't want to play Black's side.

  16. Never play f6 and knife f5 is the best piece on the board. Hmm, there is something about these sayings after all 😉

  17. Where is the Killer instinct FC? I know it's Blitz but; Sheesh !

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