Instant Classic: Champion vs Champion – Abdusattorov vs Arjun Erigaisi | Tata Steel Chess India 2022

Reigning World Rapid and 44th Chess Olympiad Gold medalist GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov (UZB, 2676) was up against the defending Tata Steel Chess India 2021 Rapid and the reigning National Champion of India, GM Arjun Erigaisi (2628). Of course, one should not expect anything less than fireworks. Check out the game and enjoy the instant classic.

Replay the game

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Arjun fearlessly taking on Nodirbeks pawn sac for some initiative..

  2. Am I the only one who is watching vishy at the front row

  3. It's alright that you defeat World champion, But here this is our game and He is the Indian..!!🇮🇳

  4. This kind of super human accuracy is why Fabi predicted Arjun being the first Indian prodigy to reach 2800.

  5. Akhilesh ji please capture the emotions of players when you analyse, alongwith the moves that are played with intention.

  6. That way you can greatly help the upcoming prodigies.

  7. Arjun became young talent from india.🇮🇳

  8. Anand wants to play but he is sitting there silently and then he walks away

  9. That rook sac for the bishop was really hard to decide ….but arjun had connected passers

  10. Arjun…queenside is so strong

  11. Dei Abdu.. he is not Gukesh but Arjun Erigaisi 🔥🔥

  12. Just surprised that the hall is not full 😨

  13. Loving this format of looking at the players moving the pieces and how clearly you can see the board.

  14. Arjun steamrolled AN and made it look so easy.

  15. Is Apple watch allowed in tournaments nowdays??

  16. Those watches on the wrist are to capture the heart rates of the players while they play the games. It's done from the chessbase side. And if you watch live streams you maybe able to notice their heart beats too when they play their moves. Or at the venue.

  17. I cant believe Arjun is 19. He looks 30. Got a rough few years ahead of him looks wise

  18. What is Arjun wearing in hand some electronic device

  19. Who won? I thought White was winning with two rooks but also possible that Black's lawns get promoted.

  20. Only thing I got to know from this video is that Arjun is left handed coz there were no commentry 🙁

  21. Erigaisi he plays like a god chess 3400elo!!!

  22. Bahut hi uttam Koti ka khel huwa hai 👍👍👍 yaadgaar hai 🎉🎉🎉

  23. Camerl out of the opening down a pawn with white pieces.

  24. it was over at 1:40 after black queen takes pawn E5. once your opponent starts gazing at you more than the board, you are either clearly losing or winning. Arjun is positionally precise.

  25. 8:21 what’s the green light in Arjun’s right hand please explain

  26. Ever noticed that Nodirbek always stares at his opponents

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