INSANE GAME | 2021 World Chess Championship (Game 6)

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  1. Im a beginner at chess, Im really curious why didnt the knight fork @33:53 ?

  2. Imagine spending 8 fucking Hours playing a super complex Game and the Computer just sitting there saying: aCtUaLlY iT iS a DrAw bEaCaUsE i HaVe SoLveD cHeSs

  3. You also came here one year later because Levy asked you to do so?

  4. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  5. comeback to see from your latest video
    what a game

  6. Had to look for this game after Nepo – Ding's game 6. You sent us here again Levi!

  7. Who come back after Nepo lost game 6 again lol

  8. Even just watching this video, I can feel how tired was the game!

  9. this is my first time watching a pro chess match, is this what ever game is like?

  10. noone except magnus couldnt win this last part tbh

  11. This might be the perfect example of magnus as a player. Yes he has great instincts, calculation, and prep, but his ability to squeeze water from stone is what will never be forgotten

  12. 22:56 I think you meant to say that Magnus Carlsen sacrificed.. THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!

  13. wish you did commentary as good as this on this years world chess championship 🙁

  14. My mother doesn't know how I can listen to you for this long. She doesn't play chess! 👑

  15. This is still the greatest World Chess Championship game in history. The Fide World 2023 Chess Championship has been very interesting to follow but none of the games even come close to matching up to this one.

  16. Coming from your newer videos realizing your new videos must be in 24FPS. As this video is clearly 60FPS. To most it would seem you have decreased in quality but this is actually an industry standard from what Im seeing with alot of big youtubers. Wonder if you noticed a difference when doing it and if you switched back to 60 nowadays would your video perform worse than 24FPS. Just an observation, I honestly didnt realize your newer videos are 24 FPS til I saw one that was in 60 fps.

  17. I watched it full thats the biggest shock everyone

  18. LEGEND.. Magnus Carlsen.. missing your games in WCC 2023

  19. OMG this morning i finished game 6 of the 2023 world chess champion ship, and in the begining gotham said go check this video, then i did. I had just enough time to watch some of it, and i soon as i had to go to school, he said. "im sorry that i am going to show you this line, but i got you 20 minutes in and i want you to show you this, and i bet after this you have to pick up son or something idk, just at the perfect time i had to go to schoo.

  20. Maybe it's just a mouse slip, or I'm stupid…but it's not check at 31:54 ?

  21. If this game was played out till checkmate it would have surpassed 150 moves!!!

  22. I've watched this recap at least 50 times😂

  23. Nothing makes me laugh more than how many times these commentators attempted to criticize Magnus’s play as if they know what he is thinking or on his level. Just shut up and enjoy watching the goat show you why he’s the best and you’re not

  24. A good analysis ruined by a ridiculous number of ads, in the region of 15 adverts in this video!

  25. Had there been no engine ,THEN MAGNUS WOULD BE THE 1 N ONLY

  26. This man sure knows how to build up a narrative

  27. This is one hell of a video. One of the best games I've ever seen paired with Levy's perfect commentary makes for an experience literally more exciting than playing yourself.

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