Impossible is Nothing! | Vallejo Pons vs Carlsen || Grenke Chess Classic (2019)

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Francisco Vallejo Pons vs Magnus Carlsen
Grenke Chess Classic (2019), Karlsrue, GER, rd 2, Apr-21
Ruy Lopez, Archangelsk (C78)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Bc5 6. c3 O-O 7. d4 Ba7 8. dxe5 Nxe4 9. Bc2 d5 10. exd6 Nxd6 11. Bg5 f6 12. Bf4 g5 13. Bxd6 Qxd6 14. Qxd6 cxd6 15. Nbd2 g4 16. Nh4 d5 17. Nf5 d4 18. Nc4 Bxf5 19. Bxf5 h5 20. Rad1 Rfd8 21. a4 Ne7 22. Be6+ Kg7 23. Rfe1 f5 24. Na5 Rab8 25. Kf1 Kf6 26. Bb3 Ng6 27. Re6+ Kg5 28. g3 dxc3 29. bxc3 Rxd1+ 30. Bxd1 Rd8 31. f4+ gxf3 32. Bxf3 h4 33. Nc4 hxg3 34. hxg3 Bb8 35. Kg2 b5 36. axb5 axb5 37. Ne3 Rd2+ 38. Kh3 Rd3 39. Be2 Rxc3 40. Bxb5 f4 41. Be8 Nf8 42. Rb6 Be5 43. Nf1 fxg3 44. Rc6 Ra3 45. Rb6 Ra2 46. Rb4 Ne6 47. Rg4+ Kf6 48. Bc6 g2 49. Bxg2 Nf4+ 50. Rxf4+ Bxf4 51. Bf3 Bb8 52. Ng3 Kg5 53. Ne2 Bc7 54. Kg2 Kh4 55. Kf2 Bb6+ 56. Ke1 Be3 57. Kd1 Kg5 58. Be4 Kf6 59. Bf3 Ke5 60. Bg2 Kd6 61. Be4 Kc5 62. Bf5 Rd2+ 63. Ke1 Rd8 64. Be4 Kc4 65. Kf1 Rf8+ 66. Ke1 Bf2+ 67. Kd2 Rd8+ 68. Kc2 Be3 69. Bf3 Rd2+ 70. Kb1 Kb3 71. Nc1+ Ka3 72. Ne2 Rb2+ 73. Ka1 Rb8

The 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin held in Germany from 22-29 April. The first 3 rounds are in Karlsruhe alongside the GRENKE Chess Open, then after two additional rounds in Karlsruhe and a rest day the last 4 rounds are in the Kulturhaus LA8 in Baden-Baden. The field features World Champion Magnus Carlsen and fellow Top 10 players Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian.

The time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and then 15 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. If players are tied for first place a rapid play-off will take place. Official website:

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  1. At 18:00 why didnt white force a stalemate by putting his bishop infront of the rook and keep gaurding the diagonal with the knight until the bishop takes it

  2. Personally who do you think will win if Tal and Carlsen play?

  3. Thank you for a great commentary, I am learning chess and your in the game explanations are priceless 😉

  4. 8:45 Why did Carlsen not push the pawn. Because the Rook would deliver check and the pawn would attack the Knight with promotion.

  5. Can some explain to me why that move at 6:19 was legal please?

  6. I saw rook to h2 instead of pushing the passed pawn as a good move couldve been a nice position for black

  7. Agadmator doesn't realize that this bishops moves in the end was legendary, he just says like it was normal moves lol

  8. at 9:37
    can anyone explain why francisco vallejo didn’t just take the pawn with the knight? if bishop would then have captured the knight he could have just traded it with the rook.
    I don‘t see why bishop from e8 to c6 was necessary and why it should‘ve been a good move…

  9. Help me out. At the 14:36 point in the video, I think the Bishop isn't lost. After White B-f4, …Ne4, Kd4…Bh7 saves the Bishop, right?

  10. May I ask you to please feature the game of William James Lombardy vs Lev Polugaevsky in Reykjavik from 1978?
    I think it would be worth showing. Also, you have not yet featured a Lombardy game, which is really a shame, since he was a talented player, he even beat Boris Spassky. If you don't like the game with Polugaevsky, maybe you can feature another Lombardy game. Thank you very much 🙂

  11. 9:23 if the Knight would move it will probably capture the pawn, so the Rh8 is still no mate. Additionally the bishop can't really capture the knight as it is guarded by the king.

  12. This is the 2nd time I've seen this. Can someone explain to me 6:19. How can he capture here?

  13. Lol why wouldn’t Magnus just go rook f2 and win a piece in the endgame? I don’t see how it might be countered…

  14. Why didn’t black move down his Peon to attack knight and discover check
    at 9:17?

  15. 2:33 pawn exchange isnt right black pawn is at d5 and white pawn is at e5 how can white take black ??

  16. Sorry but I’m new to chess. In 6.18 how can the pawn capture the other pawn. Doesn’t it require the pawn to be diagonally in front of the black pawn to be consumed??

  17. Wrong picture. That's not Francisco Vallejo Pons, that's Kevin Nealon.

  18. Dude your smarter then the chess players!

  19. "From move 9 we have a new game in our hand" – I totally played that line yesterday at 1000 elo.

  20. I'm not a pro so you can imagine my confusion at 6:18 how did he take his pawn?

  21. Why didn't Carlsen go for e7 at 8:16 ? Can someone tell me please…

  22. 6:20
    Why is the pawn able to capture like that? It's my first time seeing this and I didnt even know it was possible. How does that work?

  23. 15:30 i see rook f8 bishop f2 but what how is wining if kf1 the discover cheheck dosent pick up the bieho or the night

  24. Carlsen just has a bag full o' Checkmates!

  25. 9:36 here White could simply take the pawn to force a draw, or not?

  26. 14:55 my derp brain thought "KING TO D3 FORKING THE KNIGHT AND BISHOP!"

  27. Watching Second time.
    Because Magnus Carlsen is just heavy.
    Smart Player.

  28. Truly amazing. Magnus is a monster, its so impressive how your game grow up when we think that is impossible a human do that.

  29. position at 10:58 if black plays kg5 it’s checkmate after any move eg ng3 then black plays rook to h2

  30. At 6:18 how did Carlsen capture Paco's F4 pawn? Can't pawns only capture diagonally? If so then forget capturing the F4 pawn, Carlsen's pawn shouldn't even be able to move diagonally. Someone please enlighten me.

  31. World champion, doesn't know the rules

  32. 'you are an excellent pusher of past pawns' I like how he bestows us with titles when we find the move..

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