I’M BACK! Climbing the Classical Chess Ladder | New Openings Only | 900 ELO

For this new series, I’ll be climbing the classical chess ladder using all new openings. No London System or Sicilian for this series. We’re going with Scotch, Italian and Caro Kann. What else should I play as black? And what should my goal ELO be for this series? Let me know in the comments.

I’m a beginner chess player who started playing chess in the summer of 2020. I’ve been working hard to improve at chess, so if you’re a new chess player as well, hopefully watching these chess matches will give you a good idea of what a 1200 rated chess player thinks of when playing.

The Classical Climb series is meant to teach chess basics while we climb the ladder playing 30 minute games. This will give us time to think and calculate. We’re also going to be analyzing after ever chess game. Subscribe and follow and join me on the classical journey up the ladder.


  1. He could have trapped your queen in the opening with a discovered attack. If he had attacked your knight with his queen and then put his knight on d6.

  2. He's back! Glad to hear the worst is over, we missed you!

  3. Good to see you back. Yeah…I hear you on the workout injuries. Last year I injured my piriformis deadlifting. You don't really appreciate how much you use your glutes until you get that injury. Dealing with rotator right now from benching. Takes time. Heal up and you'll be stronger coming out of it. I think I may do the same as you in varying my openings as well.

  4. I discovered you from reddit and really enjoy your content! 1500 is a good goal and that translates to 1800 lichess which is 80 percentile. That's also my goal and I'm 1300 chess.com so I look forward to this slow run. I play the scotch for white and the sicilian to e4. For d4 I play the nimzo paired with the QGD ragozin. I believe the caro-kann is a good opening for someone who wants to switch from the sicilian. I am not sure if you want to try something new for d4 but you can give the nimzo a try.

  5. What a game! Two blunders, but his leaving your bishop led to mate. Fist pump!

  6. For black why not have a go at the Kings Indian/Pirc defence. Very similar, just depends on whites opening move. Robert Ramirez covers these in an exemplary way on his channel, which is not commonly known but superb. It has become my go-to opening and now prefer playing as black than white.
    Sorry to hear about your pain.

  7. Yooo. He's back. I've been missing your videos.

  8. Gave a like before you even finished "I'm back"

  9. Good to see you back b0ss 🙂 I think 1500 would be a decent long term goal!

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