I Went For The Head! | Svidler vs Carlsen || Grenke Chess Classic (2019)

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Carlsen vs Svidler 2013

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Peter Svidler vs Magnus Carlsen
GRENKE Chess Classic (2019), Baden-Baden GER, rd 8, Apr-28
Catalan Opening: Closed Variation (E01)

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 e5 4. Bc4 Be7 5. d3 d6 6. Nd2 Nf6 7. Nf1 Nd7 8. Nd5 Nb6 9. Nxb6 axb6 10. c3 O-O 11. Ne3 Bg5 12. O-O Kh8 13. a3 f5 14. Nxf5 Bxc1 15. Rxc1 Bxf5 16. exf5 d5 17. Ba2 Rxf5 18. Qg4 Rf6 19. f4 exf4 20. Qg5 Qf8 21. Qxd5 Rd8 22. Qf3 Ne5 23. Qe4 Ng4 24. Rce1 Ne3 25. Rf2 Re8 26. Qxb7 g5 27. Rfe2 g4 28. Rf2 Qh6 29. Qc7 Ref8 30. h3 gxh3 31. g3 fxg3 32. Rxf6 h2+ 33. Kh1 g2#

The 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin held in Germany from 22-29 April. The first 3 rounds are in Karlsruhe alongside the GRENKE Chess Open, then after two additional rounds in Karlsruhe and a rest day the last 4 rounds are in the Kulturhaus LA8 in Baden-Baden. The field features World Champion Magnus Carlsen and fellow Top 10 players Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian.

The time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and then 15 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. If players are tied for first place a rapid play-off will take place. Official website:

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  1. Agadmator is now the mythbuster of chess.

  2. Dude, stop tweeting spoilers for GoT and Avengers pls…

    Thanks for the nice videos!

  3. I am currently researching the affect chess engines have had on chess and I would appreciate if any chess players could complete my short survey. Thank you. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8QFTGZB Also, love the content on this channel 🙂

  4. … Bxc1 … Rf6 masterful, simply blocking the black diagonal preventing check from the White queen.

  5. #suggestion please add the FIDE rating under the players names, like you did during the worldchampionship

  6. Thanos: You shoul've aimed for the head.

    Carlsen: He He Boi~

  7. Nice title and vid 👌 it will be a rapid playoffs

  8. Man, the videographers at the event are setting a new standard. I love seeing the footage.

  9. just forgot to see it…
    thank god i remembered

  10. Have you ever heard of superstitιous engine?

  11. Svidler moved his kings knight 5 times early in the game only to allow it to be exchanged off for Carlsen’s white squared bishop. That seems like a bad idea to me. I thought the whole knight manouver idea was to get it to d5.

  12. If this was Mortal Kombat, that would definitely be a Fatality!!

  13. I think many people will enjoy the live video of Carlsen's checkmate against Svidler. Here is the link (to the last few moves):


    When Carlsen takes the g3 pawn, you see a slight smirk on Svidler's face. He knows what's coming. Full smile for each following move. Absolute class to let it play out and a pure joy to be able to watch it – both the sensational checkmate and, perhaps, even more impressive sportsmanship to let it appear on the board.

  14. Wow. Incredible. Svidler had a blackout?

  15. Kind of hard to believe thay Peter played such an average game! I mean, full respect to his chess caliber, but I thought he would put up a better show than this!! Well, Magnus is simply magnificent !!

  16. I was an excellent subscriber for seeing the mate. Peter Svidler is an excellent sportsman for allowing checkmate.

  17. Good morning and thank you for another great video. Just a suggestion I would enjoy another question answer video by you I would also enjoy your commentary on interviews with the great players have a great day

  18. +30 rating points within the 2800 Elo range is just insane. Magnus goes for another alltime highscore, only being 7 points short of his own record. He obviously is in top form at the moment. Will he be able to reach 2900?

  19. They both smiled and talked after the game

  20. Beautiful checkmate, and well done Svidler for allowing it

  21. I just noticed, that all old games have nice ending. It's like watching a movie or reading a book with logically expected ending. And nowadays games mostly don't, because loosing side usually surrenders prior to it. For sure result of the game might be obvious but it miss some beauty. We are not going to leave that legacy for future generations.

    Hope chess organizations are going to realize this soon.

    p.s. great that this game isn't of that kind

  22. Getting Checkmated by 2 pawns has got to hurt lolll

  23. Beard brings him wisdom and a clean shave gives him back his youth. Win-win

  24. Magnus vs Alpha zero
    I want this, right now😡

  25. – " Hi ! M. White King, I brought you a SANDWICH…" (M. Peasant Pawn)

  26. Magnus like the boss that he is !
    P.s anish giri is a magnus Carlsen hating dog.

  27. 6:00 Carlsen's knight is even stronger than those 2 rooks Svidler has.

  28. How can we stop mate? Stop the video and think 😹

  29. Is Carlsen Thanos in chess world or is he Thor, What do you think guys ?

  30. Vincent Keymer … otherwise known as "The Stare"

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