I Played Magnus Carlsen

I played against Magnus Carlsen (current world chess champion) at the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain! This was the game, hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00-0:21 Intro
0:21-6:34 Game against Magnus

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  1. Stop flashing your boobies , he is distracted

  2. The first few seconds of the game scared my 600 elo self (the speed💀)

  3. 6:03
    Ela poderia ter dado um garfo, eu gritei tanto aqui até lembrar que ela não poderia escutar, me deu uma agonia
    Mas se fosse eu no lugar teria perdido depois de dois lances kkkkkkkkk

  4. You have your ass kicked woman 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Ah ouais c'est… ya echec grand public et de vrais games oO. La différence de lvl est insane! Mais bravo à elle d'avoir défendu.

  6. mustang vs a formula one car. if i even just got one of his pawns before i got mated that would be a lifelong chess accomplishment for me.

  7. 4:25 why can't we do knight to e3 forking king , bishop, rook + check

  8. Jesteś piękna i do tego doskonale grasz. Podziwiam Cię

  9. There used to be a comedian on Australian tv who always ended his program with: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.” These people were both nice. ❤😊

  10. She is quite an alien in the chess world. A sweet, positive girl who can play well. I'm also pretty sure, that he knows her.

  11. She accidentally runs into Carlson? Oh please!!

  12. You didn't lose fast Good achievement 👏

  13. A little unfair that she always wants to distract opponents by showing her tits.

  14. Ya, this just randomly happened. You peeps are so gullible. lol

  15. Almost at end, when Magnus atcked your knight with his bishop, u could move your bishop to E6, protecting your king (if he move his bishop to h5 as he did, u put your bishop in F7) and atcking his rook at the same time… m I right?

  16. 13 million views?!?!??! WOW!!! That's amazing!! Congrats Anna!!

  17. Pero tu no hablabas español ?

  18. I just imagine you two in marriage. Your first wedding night I think you would probably play chess all night…

  19. Biden economic, same thing in usa but with restricted media . I think politicians have certain agenda towards black and Muslim culture invasions towards Europe. Bad times are coming for western world

  20. I think she missed opportunity at 3:00 better to put knight E2

  21. Watching her GM parents patronise their daughter is always hilarious.

  22. Man you had him dead to rights with that knight fork on e2

  23. I mis-heard and thought she "got a game on him"….I was like, holy crap, Anna's improved a bunch…I kept waiting for the reversal that never came. But we did get a Hi from Mag.

  24. 3:56 when Magnus said think about tactics…he meant that she could have done knight e2 which would check the king and then do rook c1

  25. Carlsen, serious and watching the clock: "well, I,m going to win in time", Anne: "But I have more time than you… Carlsen: "Tactics tactics tactis…" Anne losses 40 seconds searching for tactic tricks. TAC TIC TAC TIC TAC TIC😂 So hilarious!

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