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  1. did you beat him up in real life or what

  2. i was so fucking happy no dude i hate you 😂

  3. it must kinda suck being magnus when everyone creams themselves if they beat you lmao like i get it hes amazing but no ones perfect and it must suck for him that he feels like he has to be

  4. I cannot tell if this is an April fools prank or not.

  5. I completely believed this until I went to the comments and realised that this was uploaded 5 months ago 😅

  6. This match was beautiful from your side, quite rancid from Magnuses side due to the king moves 😛 But a win is a win and it was nice!

  7. "I could do this, I could do that, I could check. What if I just keep taking, though?"

    I felt that one.

  8. The computer can piss off 💀

  9. It's so sad that this isn't true. I want it to be true.

  10. I’m watching this 5 months later and I thought he actually won

  11. Thers hope for his career and he succeeded as a youtuber😂😅

  12. Bro you got in an interview and you said Garry Kasparov is the GOAT. now you beat magnus you change you're mind

  13. The greatest chess player of all time is Garry Kasparov but i understand how excited you should be for a win like this!

  14. the only brilliant move here was fooling thousands of people 😢

  15. Has Magnus checked out this vidio? 😂😂😂

  16. I'm sad because this is a rewatch and he got me again.

  17. There's hope for me in my chess career😂

  18. Carlsen clearly mistyped the king's move on his phone. Still: congratiolations!


  20. i really just believed he did 3 brilliant moves in one game againt magnus carlson, my life is a lie

  21. Damn. 5 months too late for the discount. 🙂

  22. im impress in how you beat magnus im even more impress by they got the same position on the board as you did

  23. "There's hope for me in my chess career" 🤣🤣

  24. At the end he literally admits that he ripped this game straight off of someone else’s match

  25. does anyone never notice the floor is lava lamp on levy's table?

  26. I am as happy for you as possible, truly you are one of the best players in the world and I wish I were in a position to support you

  27. Magnus sacrificed the GAAAAMMMMMEEEEEE😅

  28. Bro i watched the first video when the real game was in 2018 and the algorithm recommended this video that was uploaded 6 months ago so i watched the entire 2 videos i won't forgive you 💔

  29. the acting is impressive, especially all that acting about the raised heart beat and all

  30. The reason I knew this wasn't real is bc "magnus" played a real opening.

  31. I also beat Magnus Carasn but his age was 6

  32. I could not have defeated Magnus without studying the Middlegames Masterclass course on Chessly.

    All Chessly courses are currently 50% off. Go try them now: https://chessly.com/courses

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