I Am Inevitable! || Carlsen vs MVL || Grenke Chess Classic (2019) – FINAL ROUND

Round 8 Impressions here

Carlsen vs Svidler 2013

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Magnus Carlsen vs Maxime Vachier Lagrave
GRENKE Chess Classic (2019), Baden-Baden GER, rd 9, Apr-29
English, symmetrical variation (A30)

1. c4 c5 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. Nc3 Nc6 5. Nf3 d6 6. O-O Bf5 7. h3 Nf6 8. d3 O-O 9. Be3 a6 10. Qd2 b5 11. cxb5 axb5 12. Nxb5 Qa5 13. Nc3 Rab8 14. Rfc1 Rfc8 15. b3 e5 16. Bh6 Nd4 17. Bxg7 Nxf3+ 18. exf3 Kxg7 19. f4 Qa6 20. fxe5 dxe5 21. Na4 Nd7 22. Rc3 Rb4 23. g4 Be6 24. Nxc5 Nxc5 25. Rxc5 Rxb3 26. Rxc8 Bxc8 27. Rc1 Rxd3 28. Qe2 Be6 29. Qxe5+ Kg8 30. Rb1 Rd8 31. Rb8 Rxb8 32. Qxb8+ Kg7 33. Bd5 Bxd5 34. Qe5+ f6 35. Qxd5 h5 36. gxh5 gxh5 37. Qd7+ Kg6 38. a4 Qe2 39. Qd5 f5 40. a5 f4 41. Kg2 Kh6 42. Qf5 Qc4 43. Kf3

The 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin held in Germany from 22-29 April. The first 3 rounds are in Karlsruhe alongside the GRENKE Chess Open, then after two additional rounds in Karlsruhe and a rest day the last 4 rounds are in the Kulturhaus LA8 in Baden-Baden. The field features World Champion Magnus Carlsen and fellow Top 10 players Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian.

The time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and then 15 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. If players are tied for first place a rapid play-off will take place. Official website:

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  1. This new pic of carlsen makes him look younger.

  2. After winning the tournament Magnus be like :

    And I


    King Magnus Carlsen 👑

    ( People who have seen Endgame will understand )

  3. 1:04 he said he will mention that after Carlsen deviates from the line, while still mentioning it in the course of mentioning when it will be mentioned.

  4. Not to make chess look simple but to let it. Nice, Vishy.

  5. 3:37 you actually can capture with the bishop cause if bishop captures h3 you have bishop captures knight on f6

  6. that pic on upper right corner always creeps me….who is that….Sorry but I am new here

  7. Rc3 is a fantastic multipurpose move dont try and criticise one of the best moves in the position… there’s a reason you’re not a master

  8. A day without your videos is like a day without sunshine.

  9. How does carlsen like gis ELO rating? He loves it 3000

  10. If Fischer kept playing I wonder what he would have achieved. His final rating was 2785, more than 100 points higher than #2 Spassky.

  11. And Carlsen just smacked the 3rd best player in this tournament around like a red headed step child.

  12. But the point is Maxime didn't get the opportunity to say "and I am Ironman" 😁

  13. Я всегда пугаюсь, когда Вы в самом начале говорите "Hello everyone!". Можно потише это сказать?

  14. Been watching you all the way back when you had just a few K's subscribers. And you just gettin better and better. And what did that do to me? First thing i look for when i open u-tube? AGADMATOR: Damn it. Now i just have to make a donation. And i am such a freeloader at heart. Im breaking a principles here guys and girls. U-Tube is supposed to be free!!!??? Now you impelled me to support you. What is the world comming to? You devious Kroat. I just knew it. Those easten european guys is up to no good. Taking our money for…for… for…well, fucking exellent content.

  15. Agadmator, you're probably not right when you say that chess players will eventualy reach 2900 and that the cause of the rating inflation is the increase of the number of player and the points to be distributed to the system. There are some articles written by Jezz Sonas and other specialists that try to explain the causes of rating inflation. I, personally, think that the rating inflation phenom doesn't occur anymore. We know today's top players have a higher Elo when compared to those of the past decades, but that does not mean we are going to see 2900 players in the future. I think it's important to emphasize that because when people attribute Magnus' stellar rating to infation, it inevitably takes away a lot of his merit – as you implicit and unwillingly do when you refer to the 2900 mark as "not that big of a deal".

    When comparing he number of players rated above 2700 in the 2010 rating list and now, we'll not see a significant increase, which certainly means that todays' 2700 players are not weaker players that benefited from rating inflation and could reach that mark.

    Carlsen's obscene rating is due to his performances at the Gashimov Memorial and Grenke Chess Classic, which I put on par with Fischer's against Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian in 1971.
    Thanks for the excellent job you've been up to.

  16. Im such an old fart, lol. Took me two hours to figure out how to donate. Dont laugh you young assholes. When i was your age, when i left the building, you had to physically find me to tell me something.There was no "magical" phones at that time.

  17. I'm beginning to wonder who is better?
    Fischer date:(April 1972) rating:2785 
    Kasparov  date:(July 1999) rating:2851
    Carlsen date:(May 2014) rating:2882

  18. If Magnus carlsen would be a rapper he could name himself MC² cause he would be MC MC so yeahh… Im gonna show myself out thank you

  19. There are 400 different variations of what the board could look like after each player makes their first move. In total, mathematicians have calculated that there are more possible variations of a chess game than there are atoms in the observable universe. I think there are 10^18 atoms in the observable universe, but 10^23 possible games of chess. To help you understand the significance of those numbers, for every atom in the observable universe, there are 100,000 different possible games of chess. It really is crazy how a board game containing 32 pieces on a 64-square board could have so many variations, but I guess that's why chess has consistently remained a popular game for about 1,400 years.

  20. Prime BF vs MC…oh that would have been something

  21. The fucker knew he stood no chance so he accelerated the process by giving up a pawn early

  22. I wish Agadmator would interview players himself after each game… I think he's the most important chess commentary channel in the world so why not…

  23. You just keep comparing Magnus to Thanos, c'mon, he doesn't have a nut sack for a chin


  25. endgame Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone Report To Marvel!!!

  26. at 5:53 if the bishop moves to f1 doesn't it skewer both the rook and the queen …. why didn't Carlsen play that move it seems like a simple move?

  27. That Carlsen guy seems to be pretty good at Chess…

  28. Only people who watched endgame understand the title

  29. Hello everyone, watch my videos and sub it. Ty ☺☺

  30. Can anyone answer this please "at 5:53 if the bishop moves to f1 doesn't it skewer both the rook and the queen …. why didn't Carlsen play that move it seems like a simple move?"

  31. really preferring the 10 min videos over the 20 minute videos 🙂

  32. I don't think you can say that a person is inevitable.

  33. "I am inevitable!", makes no sense and is terrible English! An E- from the English teacher for you I'm afraid.

  34. Thank you at the end for explaining Elo inflation. There should be a calculator that takes into account the amount of inflation and give a relative average of both highest ratings of any given player. I believe that Fischer would also be close to 2900 if rating inflation is taken into account. That's why Leo doesn't necessarily mean strength (tho most of times definitely does). But of course Magnus with his hypermodern (and hyper boring XD) way of playing, definitely deserves a place in the top 10 (or even 5) of the best to ever play the game.

    I would love to hear a lecture from Magnus one day when he retires; on simple things like pawns and overall structures I truly believe that Carlsen simply understands chess on a level that an everyday ~ 2500 GM simply doesn't.

    Even most GMs will try to trick their opponent at some point in pretty much every game, but super GM like Carlsen just play correctly, they don't try to win the game – their opponent are trying to lose and players like Carlsen are simply just helping along…

  35. After black traded off dark sq bish, lost all interest in the game.

  36. Wow man what a ratio of like vs dislike .. currently 100 vs 1 wow again

  37. If he reaches 2900 it would be cool to see how many games he could draw against an engine. It's unlikely he would even win one but I think he could get a couple of draws.

  38. At 5:54, why not play Bishop to F1 to skewer the Rook? Granted you could lose the pawn on A2 afterward, but isn't the rook worth the trade for that pawn?

  39. “I am inevitable” I love the Matrix agent Smith reference.

  40. 1:32 Any1 else feeling baited when he didn't say "and already as of move 9, we have a completely new game on our hands"

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