How to Use Classic Analog Chess Clock

Shows how to set, operate, and understand classic analog chess clocks. Plus a comparison of the Classic clock vs CGL analog clock. . The chess board mentioned is


  1. Great video! I just got one as a gift so super excited to try it out.. also why 6?

  2. You should mention that a "15 minute game" actually takes 30 minutes because each clock has to move 15 minutes.

  3. I have a question for you about the analog chess clocks..Would you recommend an analog clock that is antique and made in West Germany 🇩🇪?I saw an analog antique clock model number USCF Made In west Germany 🇩🇪 and I wanted to ask you about it and see what your opinion is about it if you don’t mind me asking you about it okay???

  4. I would have gone with an analog chess clock, but find the ticking annoying.

  5. This is confusing and doesn't help, why is 4 a 2 hour game? What's the point of the smaller hand, I don't understand and you don't explain anything at all…

  6. the ticking would get me nervous as hell

  7. my husband and I just got done watching the Queens Gambit. We have been playing chess since then. I've been playing online to get better but when my husbands home I have played him and finally won last night. I've been learning notation for my games and have a recorder where we notate the moves and call them aloud as we are playing. We don't have a clock but I want to get one for the nastalgic of the game and also if we play in any turnoments I can use all the different types of clocks. Thanks for this wonderful video on how the clock actually works. No ones really done that, that I've seen any way.

  8. Thanks for the video dude!Wouldn’t it be easier to have a countdown dial? It seems weird to me to have standard clock dial for that purpose, isn’t it?

  9. Excellent Video! Thanks for taking the time to make it 🙂

  10. That clock also has another slot on the back: It has a curved slot with a piece of metal and it has "+" and "-" with lines in between. Is that the speed of the seconds? Mine are set differently and it seems like the left is going faster than the right.

  11. yes, that's the speed setting. You can vary the speed of each side… best used to correct them. Run it for one hour, compared to a watch timer and see how accurate your clock is, then make small adjustments to improve accuracy

  12. Hi Thechesshouse,

    thank you for your vid.

    How do you feel about mobile phone clock apps? I am a developer building one as a present and I feel like I think too technical…. Delay…. Fisher….


  13. Does this analog clock have a 5 second delay per move?

  14. how much is the classic analog chess clock? t.y.

  15. Both clocks are Analog chess clocks, only thing different about them is the brand…although both look cheaply made a failed attempt to copy the much better known and well made German BHB chess clock..which is the real "Classic"

  16. Why it have to be the black flag fallen first?
    Racial discrimination?

  17. Why is 6 o'clock used as the time-up standard?

  18. Nice video…easy to follow.  I have had that same chess set for several years.  Great weighed pieces.  Again outstanding job!

  19. Thanks just bought the china clock, made no sense until I watch your video THANKS!

  20. The trouble with the analog clocks was that they could be easily knocked over, due to being tall and narrow, if a player hit the button hard, especially in blitz play. The modern digital clocks are lower and don't move as much.

  21. So you lose if your time runs out even if you have a material advantage ?

  22. I would like to have one of each how could I have them

  23. Did you guys stop selling these? What would you recommend now?

  24. Your clock will fail it’s only a matter of time.” Lol

  25. i have a question. i am soon going to get a mechanical clock and i am wondering how to set up a 25 minute game? thanks!

  26. I’m going to watch queen’s gambit on netflix and I know nothing about chess at all so I looked this up. Thank you for the explanation!

  27. I wound mine up when i got it and broke it. Im still heartbroken

  28. How would one setup a 10 minute game

  29. Can you not do bonus time on these analog clocks?

  30. I have the one on the left. The flag doesn’t seem to stay on the minute hand long enough to fall when it hits 12. Is this a common problem?

  31. for the two hour game wouldn't the flag fall after one hour?

  32. thanks for the video on the analog chess clocks – just one question: what is the wristwatch you are wearing?

  33. Where did you get your favourite chess clock from as I’m trying to look for one. Also where do you buy chess clocks because I’ve no idea thanks

  34. Drueke board behind seems like vintage or 2000s with marble like white squares..

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