How to think like a Grandmaster! #shorts

Smart Play! 😎

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. That’s what separated Fischer from these kind of players . He ALWAYS played to win . Why ? Because that was ALWAYS his ‘ mood ‘.

  2. I'm very happy for Levon. He's one of my favorite grandmasters of all time. ☕️🙂

  3. He deserved it!Congratulation to him but where was Magnus?

  4. Ya but Ian had to win to even get to tie breaks. So he had no choice but to grind out a win

  5. Balance is important..know when to push for win.. and when to relax for a draw…

  6. I'd rather celebrate chess strategy rather than mere tournament strategy. Nepo had every right to be upset about having to play the tiebreaks after a marathon game. If anything this just demonstrates the downside of the tournament organizers decision to hold the tiebreaks on the same day.

  7. Levon is shaking his head for 90% of the video😃

  8. When they asked him the question about the pawn push all that came to my mind that he will answer chess speaks for itself

  9. Probably the nicest guy in professional chess

  10. great event, thx for bringing yasser into the booth, both of you guys have the rare skill of making the difficult game of chess seem easy, helping both beginner and advanced players alike

  11. The secret of champions is that they are not always champions, it's all about how to feel and how energic they are
    A tired Magnus Carlsen would not be as good as an energic Hikaru for example

  12. I also know when to play and not to play. When I smash my phone or keyboard, I don't play.

  13. the most deserving winner in the tournament .Happy for him ,

  14. Levon looks like sandip maheswari ,not perfectly but kinda 😆

  15. حكايات وحواديت فلة🌼👸 says:

    mentalty of super grandmaster

  16. Worst mind set. …… always play for win… matter your mood….even if you health problem………..

  17. The thing that most don't take into consideration is how physically and mentally draining chess can be especially while competing

  18. This short's Title AKA: How to think like a grandmaster. This is a book name its crazy!

  19. Indian players now won't go for a draw in classical when he is tired😂

  20. Well in fact everyone knows when and when not to play depending on their mood but at the lower levels people play regardless just to regret it later

  21. Huh! If I don such shirt I can smother mate my opponent every game… Hu

  22. Levons shirt must be distracting for his opponent

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