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You can’t get more basic than chess pie. Remarkable for its simplicity and timeless appeal, chess pie is the ultimate Southern pantry pie.


  1. It's good and simple but way too much sugar, I used 1 1/2 cup and still too sweet, I would say 1 cup max, maybe even less

  2. I've tried 2x and it comes out completely wrong 🙁 I put all the ingredients exactly as it asks. I think I just suck at baking lol

  3. How did I never hear about this pie? Oh, I'm a yankee.

  4. Look totally delicious!!! Yum!

  5. Excellent presentation! I would prefer more cooking videos made in this style.

  6. Is this cake at all custard like? e.g similar to a custard pie or buttermilk pie

  7. I'm eating chess pie right now and holy crap it's so good and buttery and tasty

  8. I don't like pie crust so I'm wondering if this could be made in an 8×8 square glass baking dish without a crust? most things I find are okay.

  9. My favorite pie of all time! My Grandmother (born in 1902) called this poor man's pie.

  10. Is this the same as egg pie or is there a separate recipe for egg pie?

  11. +SouthernLiving, can you tell us how this pie came by its name, please?
    Thank you.

  12. wat were those balls at the beginning

  13. I get that this is a classic. But come on. No homemade crust? What a joke.

  14. Wow…. I had my FIRST taste of Chess Pie today and it was soooooo Good!!!!!

  15. I tried a pretty bad recipe some time ago and the pie came out terrible. I'll try this one next time!

  16. The chess pie I'm used to has shredded cheese added to the mixture… without the cheese it's more like a buttermilk pie.

  17. This is what my family uses for pecan pie as my grandpa could never tolerate corn syrup that is part of classic pecan pie recipe. Now? I much prefer the light buttery fluffy filling to the corn syrup-based filling !

  18. Thank you I've been looking in all my old southern living magazines just for this recipe , thanks.

  19. Going to try this one next, made one last night with another YouTube recipe, I dont' like it much. Will try this one next.

  20. Wow! I was wondering about how the crust be so smooth on top! This was my RIP grand-mother's favorite pie that she turned me on to! I cannot find it were I live or KROP's!!! It remind's me of her & I am a cook & bake what she's taught me! I subscribed before!? IDK!!! Happy Valentine's day! Blessing's to you!

  21. When I was in elementary school, Jim Cherry school in Buckhead (Atlanta) the cooks would make what we called mystery pie, later found out it had this name!

  22. Is anybody else looking at these cooking videos instead of the news?????

  23. I would prefer the ingredients written out in the comments.

  24. Your recipe is the closest to mine I have found. But I use 1 T of Vanilla. This is the best recipe! Thanks.

  25. We also call them corn meal pies. This recipe incited me to make one. It's nice having an extra pie crust in the freezer. I adore chess pie.

  26. This looks so good. Does it taste like a sugar cookie?

  27. Great recipe. Only thing I'd change is the sugar amt. 2 cups is way too much for me. I mean, I know Chess pie is supposed to be sweet, but dang. 1 to 1.25 (1.5 cups max) for me. All else I thought was spot on. Nice vid.

  28. How is this best served? Hot out of the oven? Room temp? Or chilled? Thanks

  29. i love a video that doesnt explain shit..pass

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