How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

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  1. "he took 12 years" NO he DID IT at 12 years he wasnt just playing chess in the womb

  2. Even easier play against a person then go to play chess with an AI and make the same moves the other person does after that respond to the person with the moves of the AI

  3. "decided to do it a little faster"
    kid already beat you.

  4. So you became a grandmaster by making a International master play for you?
    Yeah no that checks out

  5. Well i beat your bot when iam at 500 rating 😶

  6. Gotham is an international master, not a grand master.

  7. Bro you played like an International Master (IM) not Grand Master (GM)

  8. I like the part when he became a grand master

  9. Ludwig’s logic be like: I’m just a little hungry *eats the whole cow

  10. Levy's not a gm, so your techinically also not a Gm. You're an IM max

  11. You can tell he wasn’t and didn’t need pay because of the reactions he was having clearly having fun

  12. Guys the video is correct because gotham had the stockfish anal beads vibrating him the right move

  13. My ears would hurt as hell if I used headphones on top of earphones 😅

  14. and because im an english major i easily understood gotham and became a grandmaster

  15. Bro I Fr didn’t see the headphones at first 💀

  16. Ludwig:why does my chat always think I’m cheating!?
    Also Ludwig:

  17. Where is the logic in this video mannnnn

  18. Dude hes like 800 just focus and youll win

  19. The fact he says grandmaster just because it sounds better really makes me mad because he knows levi is a International master but he wanted the video sound cool but the damn thing is stupid because we all know levi is not a GM

  20. Bruh gotham saying " come back motherfuckers " had me dead lol 😂

  21. I thought for a second you got the buttplug

  22. The background song halo perfect

  23. Bro defeated a 800 elo with the help of a "GM" and thinks he became a GM

  24. Ok the fact that Levy could not use the top notch information he gave u to become a GM himself is pretty hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  25. I’ve been alive for 12 years and all I’ve accomplished is getting a Pikachu with a cool hat in Pokémon go

  26. so you're not a grandmaster you're just the average person that plays chess?

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