How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

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  1. The fact he says grandmaster just because it sounds better really makes me mad because he knows levi is a International master but he wanted the video sound cool but the damn thing is stupid because we all know levi is not a GM

  2. Bruh gotham saying " come back motherfuckers " had me dead lol 😂

  3. I thought for a second you got the buttplug

  4. The background song halo perfect

  5. Bro defeated a 800 elo with the help of a "GM" and thinks he became a GM

  6. Ok the fact that Levy could not use the top notch information he gave u to become a GM himself is pretty hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  7. I’ve been alive for 12 years and all I’ve accomplished is getting a Pikachu with a cool hat in Pokémon go

  8. so you're not a grandmaster you're just the average person that plays chess?

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