How do you stop the pawns? – Keymer vs Meier | Grenke Chess Classic 2019

Grandmaster Daniel King examines the game Keymer vs Meier from the Grenke Chess Classic 2019. Support on Patreon: ►
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  1. Hoped Daniel would cover this game, really an amazing see-saw struggle!
    Love that idea of 72 Qe4 forcing zugswang, and mate next move. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks David, another delightful review as always

  3. The answer: You can't stop my compatriots! 😉

  4. I’m still unclear at a high level why White is better after taking the c2 pawn rather than taking it earlier. The material is the same after all.

  5. Actually, quite fantastic calculation by Keymer, who had to foresee the resulting winning position about 20 (quite linear) moves ahead. And, overall a very deserved victory.
    -However, Meier`s time management can be critized: Missing the critical moment , where 48…c4! drew, with about an hour and a half left on the clock, is certainly sub-optimal for a player of his strength. But, maybe Meier was still under shock from yet another turn of events, just before.

  6. Superb haircut as always Daniel! And a really great analysis aswell 😀

  7. Was 51 …h3 also a draw for Meier? I think someone said so during the live coverage.

  8. “Stick around. You’re in for a treat.” Since when has it not been a treat?

  9. Nice endgame & analysis! I am not sure I would have seen the early sac of the black 'c' pawn either . . .

  10. Vincent marred black’s drawing chances with precise play, so thanks for showing us this Black Marred Keymer Game Bit.

  11. This game was fishy as hell. Meier made a HUGE blunder with tons of time on his clock, then when Keymer didn't properly capitalize on it, a few moves later, Meier made another GIGANTIC blunder with no time trouble whatsoever. They paid him off to lose to the kid so he wouldn't be shut out in the tournament.

  12. Thanks for adding so much clarity to this ending. Keymer deserves praise for seeing through all the complications to victory, and Meier put up a very tough (if slightly flawed) defense. I also thought it was classy of Meier to consent be interviewed with Keymer after the game, even though he lost.

  13. great analysis Daniel, thanks .. btw: 42.f5 followed by 43.Bc3 proves that Keymer had seen this position in his studies at home and knew it was probably winning (he played them both very quickly). Now, to win it was another story. Brilliantly executed by Vincent! Pushing the c4 pawn to create stalemate possibilities was an eye opener. Thanks again.

  14. ty sir, the best youtube channel, like always I click the like button before watching the video !!!

  15. I like the video but you should show the whole game even if you just skim through it

  16. One of the best chess channels on YouTube 🙂 Thx Daniel. As a german chess fan I was happy to see Vincent win. Hopefully he will once be a super GM 🙂

  17. Despite the 0-4 start, in a super-GM tournament, I am so impressed with Keymer.

  18. After b7 isn't Qh7 a mistake? Why not g3+ & it's check from black Q at h1?

  19. Can u pls show intros it makes the game more interesting u can use a minute for intros pls

  20. Thanks for this very instructive analysis. Who on earth would find 48. – c4 over the board under time pressure? Magnus "Sauron" Carlsen?

  21. "The queen also prevents Qh3+" – hehe, it's easy to get confused when each side's pieces are on the 'wrong' side of the board 🙂 Happy that Vincent got a point!

  22. According to my computer there is an alternative winning plan. You can let the pawn be taken and approach the enemy king with your own instead. At the end you let black queen but forces mate.

  23. Some of those patterns were really amazing. Thanks for the great analysis as always!

  24. 3 queens on the board – how many GM's have seen that in their career

  25. Warning: Video starts with endgame spoilers.

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