Hikaru’s RETURN To Classical Chess | FIDE Grand Prix Berlin Round 1

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  1. good explanation. hikaru obviously didn't want to loose this first OTB classical game. but my feeling is exactly what you said "not a great start". hopefully he will find some resources for the next games. keep it up Benji!

  2. I wanted to make comment on how this was a missed opportunity to play the Berlin Defence in Berlin. But then Hikaru played the Berlin Defence.

  3. This is a great recap dear GM Bok , key variations and ideas behind Hikaru's defense. looking forward to next rounds recaps !

  4. Drawing with black in a classical game against a 2600+ GM can never be a bad result except if you are Magnus Carlsen

  5. Turn down for what… Just wanted you to make sure you know your jokes don't go unappreciated!

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