Hikaru’s Big Comeback to Classical Chess || Nakamura vs Grischuk || FIDE Grand Prix 2022 Leg 1

Leg 1 of the FIDE Grand Prix 2022 will take place from the 4th to 17th January 2022, it is held in the city centre at Under den Linden in Berlin, Germany. The event is organised by World Chess, live video is available on the official website.

The players are divided into four pools of four, the players in each pool play a double round-robin mini-tournament. The four winners of the pools progress to the knockout stage. Games 1 & 2 will be group A, 3 & 4 group B, 5 & 6 group C and 7 & 8 group D.

Time control is 90 minutes for 40 moves, then an additional 30 minutes for the rest of game, with a 30-second increment from move one.

Nakamura vs Grischuk
FIDE Grand Prix 2022 Leg 1

Game Pgn-


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  1. Heads up to grischuk for playing this opening in the first place^^

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