Hikaru on losing the Best Chess Streamer award

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  1. You still didnt win anything when it comes to chess 🤣

  2. Win anything in chess. Not popularity contest

  3. I would like to see this side of Hikaru more 😂

  4. Wheres ur GM title? Its about streaming and the majiority are simps!

  5. Hey he meant actual chess u guys just promoted him roasting u guys

  6. Think he meant legitimate and official chess titles in tournaments and not streaming awards or something influencer related.

  7. He told abt real Chess tournament, not Streamer bunching over 15 year olds giving more live views

  8. He wasn't talking about streamer awards LMAO

  9. Levi encourages kids to never give up if they are young and want to become gm

    Hikaru encourages Levi to give up

  10. We’ll a real player wins the real prizes while YouTuber can only get YT prizes, Hikaru just happens to be good at both so it doesn’t matter for him lol

  11. "I don't need this award, I need a wheelbarrow to carry this cajones " Hikaru 2023

  12. He was rigth caus that award to hikaru émanas nothing

  13. They didn't win a chess competition, they won a streamer award 😊

  14. Dude is talking about tournaments not some weird events

  15. He meant actual chess award, not chess content creator award 😅

  16. He's still accurate, winning things for streaming is not winning things for chess. <Just jokin>

  17. He is right tho can you coMpete with him hell no u cant

  18. He aaid when it comes to chess, not streaming

  19. If Hikaru didnt repeat himself so annoyingly all the time and get in some really bad moods sometimes he could win.

  20. Carlsen said he won so many silver medal and laugh

  21. A professional world class chess player isn't comparable to a streamer. It's a completely different industry

  22. I'm pretty sure he meant a chess event but whatever helps you sleep at night


  24. I’m pretty sure he meant like in tournaments (skill based), not some streaming awards (that are based on popularity).

  25. He meant actual chess tournaments that matter. But yes, Hikaru is a dick.

  26. It's not chess they won, it's chess streaming. Lol

  27. He never meant a stupid streaming award, he meant a real championship 😂😂😂

  28. It's so fucking strange that we are now comparing streamers to international grand masters 😢…

  29. Gotham is the greatest chess streamer. Especially when he sacrifices THE ROOK!

  30. Win a streamer award or actually awards in chess

  31. He is a Chess champion, the others are entertainers

  32. Some things even if they are true are just better if they are left unspoken…

  33. I like to think this is just a funny banter between them and not something serious.

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