Hikaru Nakamura Plays the KING’S GAMBIT Opening vs. Magnus Carlsen in 2023 Norway Chess

Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura played their first classical game after 4 years but it ended in a draw in 10 minutes. The second game was Armageddon and Hikaru Nakamura had 10 minutes on the clock with white pieces, Magnus Carlsen had 7 minutes with black pieces. Hikaru Nakamura took the risk and played King’s Gambit against Magnus Carlsen.


  1. Wish I could see what was going on in the final 2 minutes. Thanks norway

  2. Only the third time Magnus ever faced a King's Gambit professionally

  3. Hats off to Hikaru for playing King's Gambit against the King

  4. Not 1800-century . 1900-century with players like Morphy .

  5. Hikaru plays the king's gambit 😳🤔 This I absolutely must see.

  6. I would like to see the digital board stay in the center of the screen. The players don't need to take up the center. Hard to see the game like that.

  7. however Hikaru may try , He simply isn't a match for Magnus.

  8. I feel lik magnus could’ve won the game so fast by taking that damn pawn while advancing the knight but wtf do I know

  9. Hikaru one of the best…until magnus shows… XD
    that guy is another level of champ really, is good he already leave his title…is not fun anymore for him.

  10. And sabo sacrifes his channel for magnus's 1 million sub

  11. I wonder if these 2 will ever b best friends lol

  12. They play titled tuesdays as friends but here as complete strangers. No smile or anything.

  13. DO i play for content chat? Do i play for content? Ok screw it, letz play the kings gambit against MaGnUs chat!

  14. Kings Gambit – Losed by Hikaru and the we saw London System in WCC – won by Ding

    We are waiting for Hikaru to do the Queens Gambit – W or L

  15. Played it for the memes
    Hikaru always holds back with Magnus but when the day comes the beast will be unleashed

  16. The fact that Magnus sees everything Hikaru sees and is creating multiple things Hikaru can't see …

  17. Judit Polgar, is one of the best chess players altogether 🥺

  18. these two are comedy gold, theyve reached the point where trolling the other one is more important than winning the games

  19. Magnus playing Against King's gambit after 20 years👏

  20. Hate it when the caster makes the game about them 🙄

  21. I cannot stand listening to these commentators attempt to act like they know what either Hikaru or Magnus especially is thinking, how they criticize the goat, as if they really believe they know what these two are thinking. It is like a bunch of kindergartners were placed in a Masters degree program, they should just shut up and enjoy because they have no clue what either of these two are up to, what they are looking at, no they prefer to just talk like idiots because Hikaru and Magnus are so much better and so far above them they couldn’t even begin to understand what their plans are or next moves should be.

  22. Magnus was thinking about the 3rd move but did not remember best by Bobby Fischer: 3. … d6! Now the white knight can't go to e5 as seen here.

  23. Magnus: after 1. e4 e5 2. f4!? exf4 Nf3, why didn't you play d5?

  24. When Hikaru played f4 after e4? I thought nooooooooo and was immediately reminded of an interview with bobby fisher way back he said something like "out of the sickbed of the king's gambit" I never knew why he said that until I tried it… Oh woe is he who plays the Sickbed of the Kings gambit, especially against Magnus.. lol

  25. What are the fuss about the king’s opening
    Someone explain

  26. Hikaru very brave respect love your style 👏

  27. What a monsters they are for developing this opening and reaching middlegame equaly

  28. "fan" comments at the bottom are so obnoxious. I thought chess community were more well spoken

  29. Why make the board a side bar at the end. Grrrr

  30. All Hikaru can do is to make an impression of a great joke/troll of the game. He will never catch up MC

  31. Win or Lose it doesn't matter, if you play King's Gabmit, you're respected.

  32. You cannot see the game towards the end on a phone :/

  33. analist they don't know what they talking for any move better to stop them all:)

  34. the camera change is so annoying! The animation is better than the camera view.

  35. This is a battle of the greatest minds in our current times. So inspiring ❤❤❤

  36. I'm 600 elo so correct me if this is a gross mistake, but 08:20 Bxa2 would just fall into b3 and the black knight wouldn't be able to defend on b4 because of the white bishop on d2 so why would they mention that move?

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