Harvard Lawyer Explains Hans Niemann Lawsuit

Hans Niemann’s $100 Million Lawsuit gets dismissed in court. I relay a Harvard lawyer’s review of the dismissal in this video. Defendants include Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Chess.com, The Play Magnus Group (since acquired by Chess.com), and Daniel Rensch.

0:00 Hans Niemann $100M Lawsuit
0:19 Hans Niemann Cheating Scandal Review
2:12 Harvard Lawyer Breakdown
5:16 Conclusion
6:31 Hans Niemann Interview

Link to Hans interviews:
Hans vs Magnus (Miami) plus interview
Sinquefield Cup Interview

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  1. If a chess player after the match cannot fully explain his line of thinking in the game deciding position, than nobody can convince me he did not cheat.Even if you don't remember you should be able to quickly recalculate, Hans could not explain his choices. Like a kid in math class that copied the final answer but cannot derive how he got the answer. You just know he cheated.

  2. "Chess speaks for itself" walks away had me laughing loudly.

  3. the lawsuit never really had any good chance to land something anyways. Defamation cases are notoriously hard to win. And the reason they tried in missouri is because of the lack of anti slapp laws.

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