Gukesh: “I just wanted a game with London” | Norway Chess 2023 Round 8

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  1. ❌❌❌ the only guy who beat fabi … Btw Look at the heavy bags below his eyes πŸ‘€ … It's a proof that he is extremely hard working human … Even at this age … It's good crazy work ethics which inspires me πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  2. The London wins again. I used to hate this opening… as black. So started playing it with white after decades of being an e4 player.

  3. The hikaru loss stings,but anyway exceeded expectations congrats

  4. Really looking for a podium finish for Gukesh tomorrow! Go Gukesh!

  5. Did he win classical? Who was he up against

  6. Just have a look at the postiton after Gukesh played e4 on move 17. White has pawns on c4, d4 & e4, Black on c5, d5 & e5. A reminder to the chess world that the London System does not have to imply a dry game after the opening.

  7. As an Indian, I’m proud of Gukesh. As a Magnus fan, really disappointed with his outcome in this tournament.

  8. Great tournament so far buddy! Play an all out game in the last round as well and leave your mark in this prestigious tournament.
    Also Gukesh really looks like he needs some good sleep and rest.

  9. damn gukesh is really cool and calm and collected! what a man!!

  10. Gukesh needs to at least draw So and Anish does not win classical against Shak to be 3rd.
    If Anish does win classical, Gukesh ties with Armageddon win.

  11. Big shoutout to Indian chess with young Gukesh and Pragg!!!

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