Greatest Chess Players in World History


  1. Where is ivanchuk. If there is tough position which super computer cant solve and mangus can't solve it, give it ivanchuk he solves it for sure. Says adagmator❤

  2. Bobby Fischer was on another level man mad history but his ego got the best of him so he was banned 🚫 or he himself did attend to some tournament,my god my man was a different breed cant compare

  3. Bro blundered by forgetting vishy easy top no.4 after manus , bobby and kasparov

  4. Bobby who stopped playing for 20 years, then another 15 with no computers? and the third best ever?! Fischer would have been the GREATEST ever if there weren't russia and israhell.

  5. 5 time world champion and 54 year old gm still cursing young player winning blitz world championship at age of 47 still not the best player wow just wow….. I can say many achievements of this player but I think it’s a waste…. I ask you to tell a name from this list who can perform this well at the age of 50+ in chess people retire after 35 Vishy is above this list 🙂👍🏽

  6. Kasparov fue 20 años el número uno y tuvo el rival más duro que algún campeón haya tenido. Su juego tiene un “grado de dificultad” muy grande. Sus partidas son increíbles.

  7. Chess history goat only Magnus Carlsen 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🔥✔️

  8. Meanwhile

    Vishwanath anand

  9. Dumb made this list looool)))))😂😂😂😂😂

  10. I think my no. 1 would be Bobby Fischer and no. 2 would be The Magician from Riga. Capablanca was awesome too.


    magnus 1
    kasparov 2

  12. 1.Bobby Fischer

    He defeated all the Soviet chess players. Make new history, A moment of history.

  13. بوتين مدمر الغرب 🇷🇺 says:

    Bobby fisher is the greatest

  14. And vishwanathan Anand must be there in this list

  15. Honorable mention to paul morphy, he was 200 elo above all of his opponents, he was just too good.

  16. and what is fact that chess is create by an india

  17. Not putting anand in this list is a crime!

  18. Mikhail beat kasparov in 18 moves and died a months later
    What a Chad

  19. I see Mr. Capablanca and Mr. Tal wat most talented

  20. Bro really forgot bobby fisher judith polger

  21. Where is anand and why did u prioritize kramnik over anand?

  22. Paul Morphy will always be the most outstanding chess player (for the given time)

  23. En mi opinión Karpov es un titán . Es el máximo ganador de torneos, estuvo alrededor de 10 años como el número uno y, pensemos en esto: en ciento cuarenta y pico de partida del matches con Kasparov este último solo sacó dos puntos de ventaja!!!!. Se imaginan lo que es soportar las embestidas de Kasparov en un tramo tan largo ? Me pregunto: Algún jugador (de cualquier tiempo) hubiera podido resistir, al ,para muchos, mejor jugador de la historia?

  24. Honourable Mentions : Viswanathan Anand, Paul Morphy & Tigran Petrosian.
    This Source was taken from (Link –

    But this list is considered a bit inaccurate by many, especially by *GM Hikaru Nakamura*.
    Such as – Vishwanathan Anand deserves in Top 6th Position by most sources.

    But it is very difficult to rank Top 10 Chess players of all time considering all statistics, time period etc…
    I would suggest to read the analysis done by *Wikipedia*. (Considering all statistics, time period, etc…)
    Link –

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