Greatest Chess Move Ever

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  1. Knight e2 was in my mind. I couldn't see how it could be guarded. Why would someone hang a queen. Well thats why.

  2. Ao basically whatever you do you're mated.

    Does that mean the Queen B2 is the actual checkmate move.

  3. “Knight e2 Mate in one!”
    -Gotham Chess

  4. Imagine Player feel so much pain during the gold coin through on Player

  5. So a move is called great, if it defeats the opponent in more than 3 ways 😂

  6. "I'm 4 parallel universe s ahead of you"
    – Frank Marshall

  7. Bro thinks he can make me find such a move, whereas I can't checkmate with a rook 😢😂😂

  8. “The move was so spectacular that apparently spectators threw gold coins at the players” this sounds to me like, “and then everybody clapped”. Where was this played that had gold coins as currency and when

  9. Is it really a surprise that the greatest chess move of all time involved sacrificing THE ROOOOK?

  10. Instead of showing your face in between make video with steady chessboard view 🙄

    "yes, with gold coins."

  12. Frank Marshall was U.S. Champion for 27 straight years.
    The gold coins were probably thrown by losing bettors paying up. Check out Marshall’s famous "pipe game" against Amos Burn.

  13. Bro I 400elo and I guessed it by mistake 😂

  14. Queen e5 was the best move for white because it defends mate but queen takes queen and your winning as black but not as much as any other move because you will be up a pawn after the best moves and then you will probably win as black correct me if I’m wrong

  15. You're right 👍. It is the greatest move indeed 🎉

  16. was wondering which Franck he was talking about for a second xD

  17. Can't he just move the rook except for taking the queen

  18. Isn't throwing objects at the players considered disruption?

  19. "Legendary" should be a new chess move evaluation above brilliant

  20. Then what three white pawns doing there….. 😅😅😅😅 easy to take off the queen….

  21. Gothamchess I challenge you to a chess game leave a comment on one of my videos and we’ll play

  22. Knight E2, rook F2 gets taken, queen E1 … Seems easiers

  23. Shut up ur to annoying. Why u gotta scream?

  24. I actually found the move, but only because Levy told us there was an insanely brilliant move to find, in a real game obviously I would've never even been in this position, much less found any kind of remotely clever move. The previous move sacrificing a rook was also a pretty big hint if I'm being honest.

  25. Levy's commentary makes this video more interesting 😊

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