Greatest Chess Games Ever Played || Anand vs Lautier (1997)

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Viswanathan Anand vs Joel Lautier
“Bielisima!” (game of the day Dec-11-2015)
Biel Credit Suisse (1997), Biel SUI, rd 1, Jul-??
Scandinavian Defense: Main Lines. Mieses Variation (B01)

1. e4 d5 2. ed5 Qd5 3. Nc3 Qa5 4. d4 Nf6 5. Nf3 c6 6. Bc4 Bf5 7. Ne5 e6 8. g4 Bg6 9. h4 Nbd7 10. Nd7 Nd7 11. h5 Be4 12. Rh3 Bg2 13. Re3 Nb6 14. Bd3 Nd5 15. f3 Bb4 16. Kf2 Bc3 17. bc3 Qc3 18. Rb1 Qd4 19. Rb7 Rd8 20. h6 gh6 21. Bg6 Ne7 22. Qd4 Rd4 23. Rd3 Rd8 24. Rd8 Kd8 25. Bd3

The 30th annual Biel International Chess Festival was a category XVII event held in Biel, Switzerland from July 20th to August 1st, 1997. Six grandmasters, including the FIDE world champion were invited to take part in the “Credit Suisse” double round robin tournament. The participants were (in order of ELO): Vishwanathan Anand (2789), Anatoli Karpov (2725), Boris Gelfand (2714), Joel Lautier (2617), Vadim Milov (2613), and Yannick Pelletier (2499). Despite a few unexpected game results, such as Milov’s win over Anand in round seven and Karpov’s draw offer in the final round, each of the players finished according to his rating position with Anand clear first.

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  1. It seems like for some reason our favourite Mr. Antonio doesn't like Vishy Anand!

  2. Trapped Bishop in World Championships too…

  3. Why is Elon Musk playing with a random name?

  4. White's Bishop dint even move in the entire game yet had such an impact!! Anand's game is very similar to my game where I have such bishops / pieces positioned in their original square while I get checkmated.

  5. yeah I couldn't guess a single move
    so shortsighted lol

  6. 9:09 thought it was gonna be Rook f7 coz of king takes the rook we have a discovery with the bishop and black loses the queen

  7. Imagine if this game was between Anand and tal than tal would have massacred white with that white bishop somehow
    No offense
    Anand is one of the greatest player

  8. Honestly for me the greatest game ever played !

  9. At 10:06, the light square bishop can go to h3, which at least prolongs it a little. The king is kept away from it for a while by the queen. I'm guessing white would bring the rook at b7 to b4 and then f4, so then the bishop would still be stuffed.

  10. Absolute masterpiece by Anand.. I am wondering where did Lautier go wrong?

  11. The bishop pair from hell makes anands immortal games 😍

  12. Viswanathan Anand is Greatest player ever 🙏😊

  13. what a good dog. i have a dark colored italian greyhound, very active otb piece.

  14. I play 3. d4 against the Center Counter.

  15. The Scandanavian — for the discerning Caro-Kann player who wants White to have an extra tempo.

  16. that bishop to g6 is on another level. Anand is amazing

  17. That dark square Bishop is too far but pain in the ass for black,

  18. Thank you for coming up with such games and your own calculations as well. Loved it !

  19. How can you say that better u know that Anand is world class

  20. Never ever try to comment negative against mr.anand sir

  21. ok, great game, but why is the title "Greatest Chess Games Ever Played"?????????

  22. When you try to save a piece so hard, it's a valiant attempt to lose the game, however if your opponent is anand, doesn't matter how you choose to get destroyed

  23. Joel's king: hey somebody help me… Is anyone there??
    Bishop: yes master… I'm watching evryone and I'm quite safe here

  24. this is the reason why classical chess is played..

  25. Why could he not play Bishop to g6 one move earlier, instead of pawn H6? It seems like after Qxd1, bishop x f7, followed by bishop a3 seems to be winning.

  26. If sb plays Bg6 against me I'd just resign and stay away from chess for a month. Disgustingly beautiful

  27. At night I hear the faint sobbing of that light-squared bishop.

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