Grand Chess Tour – London Chess Classic 2015: Round 7

Watch Live the exciting conclusion to the Grand Chess Tour 2015. The Grand Chess Tour 2015 began in Norway with the Norway Chess 2015, then traveled to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center for the Sinquefield Cup 2015 and now we journey to London for the London Chess Classic 2015. Who will be victorious and crowned the Grand Chess Tour Winner? Watch live to catch all of the excitement.


  1. ''He has 3 minutes to realize,that it doesnt matter what he realizes.''-best line ever!!!

  2. At last a good chess ending. …bishop vs knight

  3. can anyone tell me waht chess boards they use?

  4. 5:14:00 — This is one of those rare positions where you can quite literally torment your opponent while giving yourself something like an hour's nap. Simply zone out and go to your happy place for two or three minutes then make obscure bishop moves that make your opponent endlessly calculate whether that gives you a crucial tempo in a pawn race. Then, after about thirty moves, start to pay attention to the position. His rating will have dropped about 100 points in the meantime.

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