Grand Chess Tour – London Chess Classic 2015: Round 3

The London Chess Classic brings together the world’s best players between December 4 and 13, 2015. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Maurice Ashley, Alejandro Ramirez, and WGM Jennifer Shahade for the move-by-move analysis. This is the third and final leg of the Grand Chess Tour.



  1. yasser hates every book that can help people improve at chess.

  2. Great commentary from a great team, thanks! Just try to agree on one (ideally correct) pronunciation for "Caruana", will you :-> ? Btw nice people in the chat today, definitely an incentive to watch this live.

  3. Dang, if only Fischer was here now a days to show them all a lesson

  4. Is it possible to get a move counter on the screen? For example on the grey area to the left on the board that Seirawan and Ramirez uses.
    Would increase the already great production value.

    Thanks for the video.

  5. Is there anyway we can get 1080p quality again?

  6. Maurice needs to stop going so crazy about what the engine says. It's easy enough for you with the engine. The engine isn't always correct by the way. Vishy knows what he's doing. The show shouldn't be about "oh is vishy going to find this top engine move or will he miss it?" It should be about looking at the games and putting our heads together. Let's hear what yasser and Alejandro have to say and not what the machine says. We don't learn by having the answers in front of us.

  7. "Pawngrabber, pawngrabber, I'm just a pawngrabber… Did I mention I'm a pawngrabber?" – Yasser

  8. 4:59:00 — Maurice: "[Magnus Carlsen is] not playing like the best player of all time… or at least the highest rated player of all time." –This sort of hype is vastly irritating. Maurice knows full well Magnus is not even in the CONVERSATION for best of all time. He said so himself one round previously, ffs. Magnus would have to return to his peak form and maintain it for another decade to be able even to being to claim he is better than Kasparov. Never mind that Carlsen has nothing like Fischer's peak. Where is the run of a dozen consecutive tournaments that Carlsen has dominated?

  9. 5:20:00 — Seriously? Guys, if you had been paying attention to the game you'd have noticed that Carlsen had a little over one minute left when he played the mistake …..Rh8. He was very probably afraid to let Anand take over the only fully open file at the time, and he did not have time to analyze further.

    5:21:00 — Yasser not liking Kotov's book Think Like a Grandmaster is a joke. Every class B or C player who read it gained 200+ points in three months. It's a fantastic, irreplaceable work.

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