GothamChess And Vidit Dive Into The Emotions Of The Candidates!

GothamChess and Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi sit down for the first time in an EXCLUSIVE interview to talk about the 2024 Candidates and how he’s feeling.

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  1. The guys from south are either cocky or awkward.. so refreshing to hear Vidit . A personal favourite among the Indians

  2. Gosh vidit is such a gem of a person
    Kudos and great work levy to make these interviews
    My view has definitely changed about vidit after watching this interview

  3. That handshake at the end was the best handshake chess community has ever seen LOL

  4. Cool interview, good vibes. First time I've seen Vidit speak and he's a likeable chap.

  5. great person, i love vidit. good luck my man

  6. Vidit is the coolest grandmaster he has a balance of everything the composure ,the chess ability , personality everything he is very relatable

  7. Is there a rhythm in a long-form chess game?

  8. It hits hard to watch after loss against Nepo yesterday.

  9. Top 10 chess players (super gms) ranked by their personality outside of chess— (my opinion)
    1. Vishy
    2. Anish
    3. Garry
    4. Vidit
    5. Magnus
    6. Hikaru
    7. Mamedyarov

    After 7 i can't think of super gms who are not too nerdy and who understands humour like other people

  10. I've become a huge fan of Vidit. Whether he loses or wins doesn't matter I'll support Vidit for the rest of his chess career

  11. Of all the supa GMs I find Vidit's vibe the best. I recognize he's spiritually centered and at a place of non-attachment. You know in the history of chess there's usually one one person who dominates while everyone else swims toward the top. All of these players have very different personalities – but one thing is in common: they are all extremely intelligent. Vidit is a true unique player

  12. Vidit should be nothing but proud of his Candidates' performance. Brilliant chess and an amazing fighting spirit. I became a huge fan. Much love from Brazil!

  13. Рассказываю способ читерства в шахматах который придумали спецслужбы одной из стран мира: в человека "вшивается" нано-жучок который передает очень маленькие разряды тока; когда человеку нужно в определенной ситуации на шахматной доске сделать правильный ход нужной фигурой на правильную клетку, через данный жучок передается "условные сигналы", например: один разряд: 1 пешка; 2 конь; 3 слон; 4 ферзь; 5 король; после может быть передан 2 сигнал: количество сигналов предполагает клетку доски. С человеком проводили тренировки по правильному считыванию сигналов. Способы борьбы с таким шахматным жульничеством на высоком уровне это: 1. задержка трансляции (доступа всех СМИ к доске) партии на 5 ходов в больших турнирах, турнире претендентов на чемпионате мира и матче за шахматную корону; 2. проверка победителей турнира на больших турнирах через независимого полиграфэксперта; 3. проверка игроков "подозрительных" партий через полиграфэксперта. 4. другие способы защиты от читерства.

  14. Given options:
    Option A and Option B

    Goutam Gambhir be like: Option C
    VD be like: Both A and B😂

  15. Love this interview format where we learn more about the players as persons. Certainly more interesting than postgame interviews

  16. Was just about to subscribe , but then saw it"s not Gotham Chess ! !

  17. Levy was caught off guard by Vidit's honesty in the start. Levy didn't seem to be betting on Vidit honestly based on the recent live with Sagar but he was too polite to say no to it to hi face.

  18. To me Vidit is the nicest of all the professional players.

  19. Nice interview, Levi seems much more comfortable than in previous interviews

  20. Sept 9th, 50 days before Grand Swiss '23, Robert Hess commented Vidit is one of the favourites to win the Grand Swiss. Everybody went silent after he said it, but I'm proud to say I believed it too.

  21. Did Levy just discover the expression 'elephant in the room' lol?

  22. love all the indian players, they show the better side of India

  23. There is something subconscious holding back vidit, I feel he much better player than he performs

  24. I thought this was going to be another boring candidates tourney but now Gukesh and Mostly Vidit just made things amazingly fun to watch

  25. I love Vidit so much…he is my favorite chess grandmaster forever ❤❤❤❤

  26. VD you’re my favorite and will always be ❤❤

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