GOTCHA | Caruana vs Vachier-Lagrave | FIDE Candidates 2021. Classical chess at its best.

Grandmaster Daniel King examines Fabiano Caruana vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave from round 8 of the FIDE Candidates 2021. Which of the eight players will challenge Magnus Carlsen for the title of World Chess Champion?
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  1. "I would never recommend that you play the poisoned pawn variation against Bg5, unless you give up your day job basically, unless you just forget about a social life!" Boooooooooom!!

  2. This is the stuff successful world championship bids are made of.

  3. Thanks, GM King, for this interesting video.
    I desire to learn endgames. I mean better. In deep.
    Well, I ask. To Everyone. Best resources, books, ideas?
    Start with advice. If you please.

  4. Yeah Fabi! Classical is back. What a game

  5. This game was beautiful. What was crazy to me was that MVL played 6 or 7 only moves in a row, just superb defense, but then blitzed out Nh6 (the losing move). He had found so many great moves in a row I was sure he'd play Ng7 (or Ne7). Like I said in your last candidate's preview video though, I'm all in on Fabi!

  6. These recaps are, without a doubt, the best on youtube, I enjoy your videos so much, you really show us how much you love this game!

  7. On the Ng7 little think quiz, my first impulse was Ng7, precisely because of the barrier. Even so, Caruana certainly did a Magnus-type grind there — congrats to him.

  8. The points to be listed in Caruana's play are: 1. Excellent preparation in the opening; 2. Accurate calculation in the middle-game; 3. Precise technique in the endgame.

    Thanks Sir Daniel 😊 for always giving us a superb analysis!
    100k subs here we go!

  10. Caruana is a machine. How does anyone convert this endgame?

  11. Who needs a social life when you can play the Poisoned Pawn?

  12. When Caruana played Bc4, I was convinced that this was a transmission error. When Lagrave resigned, I also thought that this was a transmission error and was convinced that the result was a draw. What a game!

  13. "… managed to inveigle Maxime…" GM King's command of the English language is top notch! Thanks for the wonderful explanations of this incredibly complex game, GM King.

  14. Fabi always was painstakingly prepared in the openings, but in recent years, he also worked a lot on his endgame skills.He improved tremendously there.

  15. That gotta hurt for MVL. Apparently he DID have a drawn position… interesting he seemingly played excellently in the complicated positions, and slipped up in the 'simple' one.

  16. Great recap of an amazing game.So fun to have high stakes OTB chess back…. Daniel, was that your dog barking? You need to make him a star like Agadmator’s dog! 🙂

  17. Thank you, Daniel King, for an amazing game review. I was referred to your Power Play Chess YouTube by The Romo Chess Academy. Your review was delightful. I will be sure to follow your future commentaries. Best regards, the Professor.

  18. Spectacular restart to this tournament! Can we get Rusty an award for best 2nd of all time? He seems to be the man behind so many of these big game novelties in the last 20 years.

  19. Once a poisoned pawn – always a poisoned pawn!

  20. Daniel king very excited, great to see! “Homebrew, lethal, tasty”!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  21. what would the candidates be without Daniels coverage … thank you so much Mr. King!

  22. The game has what it takes to be a classic!

  23. This was a superb game, I watched it live and magnus carlsen commenting… just wonder.. The world championship match is in November and he is there not just commenting… he is understanding their preparation as well

  24. How nice you are!
    Forget Brexit! Come to Cologne! Flat is free!!!

  25. At 2:08 the excitement and joy on Daniel's face, brought a smile to my face.
    So heartwarming to see a person with such joy in their craft.

    Suddenly, all seems right in this world.

    By the way, the depth and clarity of the game commentary – unmatched on the worldwide web.

  26. Really like the way you presented sir. Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  27. What a fantastic game. Amazing too to watch Magnus perk up whilst commentating when this end game occurred.

  28. Why is black walking the Queen around the board in the opening and losing time. You need to develop pieces.

  29. This channel should be the biggest chess channel on youtube. What is wrong with people?

  30. great 'home brew' preparation – love the imagery

  31. Poisoned pawn variation? More like three poisoned pawns variation!

  32. Thanks Mr King wow ! Its like the double pendulum, you think the game has simplifies, but its near chaos !

  33. outstanding description and explanations of this game, the game itself was incredible when it could easily have been drawn for both players to play it out , that was classy, cheers and peace everyone, thank you Daniel

  34. Unless You quit your day Job …. Hahahah. So funny My Desr GM Daniel. You are theeee Besttttt Love From 🇮🇷 Iran. We Love you

  35. No one Should Ever even think About Trying out The Poison Pawn Variation 😍😍🤩🤩😜😆😆

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