Gentlemen of Chess #shorts

Respect 🙏

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. It's a draw because of the following:
    After the knight check, the king has two squares to move G2 and H2. If the king comes back to G2, then after the knight moves to D3 there is a discovered check and the queen is lost. So the game is stuck in an endless loop, as white will never move to G2 and black will keep on giving checks till the white king moves to G2. This is exactly why he apologized too. As he's not gonna give up on giving checks.

    This is a brilliant move after white blunders by giving the black queen the C5 square for setting up the plot.

  2. if you ever loose in chess you have no one to blame but yourself, somewhere in that game you messed up.

  3. Is nepo rocking a Tidehunter sweater?

  4. Chess is cruel, one mistake and all your hard work goes in vain

  5. Sagar sir please explain why it was blunder and why it said sorry

  6. Ohh .. that's so cruel i would definitely throw my phone if that was online match😅(on the bed)

  7. I see my 2 favorite game. Chess and tidehunter from dota 2.

  8. for those who didn't understand, it was a blunder because the guy was up by a bishop and he blundered forced draw

  9. What a gentleman to even offer a draw. I would have sat there all day moving my knight back and forth until he resigned 😂

  10. For those who don't understand:

    Nepo (with the white pieces) was winning. But he blundered. Black managed to DRAW the game by giving a perpetual check (which is a draw).

  11. An exemplatory behaviour to teach me not to rages in games when I lose. Kudos.

  12. I love when people apologize in chess. It's so innocent

  13. this is exactly the reason why Nepo can never hope to become a world champion

  14. To force a draw and to avoid a draw is necessary in chess.

  15. bagi yang tidak mengerti!,
    sama aku juga tidak mengerti.

  16. you dont need words when you communicate with minds

  17. Me playing with brother and in rage tearing whole chess and throwing pieces at each other.😂😂

  18. I don't know the first thing about chess but it's amazing to see in a game that he's supposed to be winning he does a mistake and from that point on he knew it was almost impossible to win the game

  19. Shoutout to nepo's tidehunter shirt

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