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My team, “lakin will forget us when he’s famous,” lost last week :(, so I’m here to make things right! I will go all out for the win no matter the cost (and that just so happens to be my style anyway :P)!

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Classical Chess #2 – Gambit Up!

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  1. Thanks to yago666 for pointing out that that line IS indeed in the Esserman book. It's in chapter 8, "Early Bishop Out," called Larsen's antidote. A very rare line indeed, but Esserman has analysis on it (!). Nd5, the move low-depth SF finds, is rejected by high-depth SF, though it might be playable for surprise value (-0.93 depth 46) .The move Esserman suggests in the book, Re1, is the best move according to high-depth SF (depth 56), so that's quite amazing for a book written in 2011 with the help of Rybka! Esserman is a genius! Bb3 is also considered, and that move is second-best according to high-depth SF, and a move it considers as best from depth 25 – ~depth 53.

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