[FULL VERSION] Magnus Carlsen Blind & Timed Chess Simul at the Sohn Conference in NYC

While in NYC for the Play Live Challenge & Chess Works, Magnus did a timed, blind simul in front of thousands of people. There was no order, and Magnus had 1/3 of the time. Watch and see how it all went down.


  1. سبحان الله الذي خلقك
    العقل إعجاز إلهي
    ماشالله تبارك الرحمان

  2. "How hard do you want the challenge to be?"
    Magnus: "yes"

  3. Imagine how much better this would be if the "host" stopped talking over the game with terrible jokes

  4. 5:01 she had one job , she couldn't even put the blindfold properly on magnus.

  5. The presentator looks like that guy Megamind.

  6. I came here because the MC looks like shaq.

  7. I can't even memorize the position after like 6 moves and yet Magnus beat three opponents while blindfolded in NYC.

  8. megamind ? 😀 just kidding 2023 wow 7 years ago

  9. Avery has the fattest head I’ve ever seen in my life

  10. The only trouble he had was occasionally saying the wrong board number. That is insanely impressive.

  11. lmao board 1 busting out the hippo against the goat

  12. I think he's a computer with how good he is 🤣🤣🤣

  13. why is there an electrical connection on the chessboard?

  14. Love how the person making the moves screwed it up IMMEDIATELY and played the move he said on the wrong board

  15. Oh my godddd what a ridiculous how can he remember all this I can not remember single chess board not having pieces only great imagination

  16. The way Magnus just decimated and broke through blacks' defences piece by piece, pushing pawns is just amazing

  17. My guy struggled harder getting his blindfold on straight than he did beating the other players 😂

  18. What were the ratings of the opponents?

  19. This is beyond impressive , my mind isn’t even able to process how the human brain is capable of such a demanding task. Magnus is one of a kind , truly the best chess player of all time.

  20. Just love it. Just too goooood. 🙈🙈🙈

  21. “What’s more relevant is the position is lost 😏😄”
    Of course only Magnus finds that funny 😂

  22. What Magnus said to the guy on board 2 was actually a huge compliment.

  23. Can the host shut up… i was trying to keep track of the moves and i lost 2 boards because of the confusing moves and i just lost the 3 because the host could stop telling the time and monologing

  24. the way the mask sits on his face is hilarious though

  25. It also looks like Magnus protege against three players and Magnus instructing him what to play 😅

  26. Can someone explain why Player on Board 1 resigned? I'm a little confused about what he saw to have resigned there

  27. My favourite part was when said “Its Magnusing time” and Magnused all over the place, Truly one of the moments.

  28. I love chess so cool blind folded !!!!!!!!!!!!

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