First Class Endgame #chess #shorts

First Class Endgame

credit: @GothamChess

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  1. Yo this is the F1 podium celebration song that follows after the outro (dutch anthem).

  2. Bro started playing snake💀

  3. Nope I’d like to keep thinking he was dancing to this song

  4. Should've gone round on all the squares with the king 🤣

  5. He has no legal moves could someone tell me how that isn't a draw

  6. Real ones know its the podium celebration music from F1.

  7. Bro look like he doing the nazi salute dancing to that

  8. For anyone wondering, the piece is “Les Toreadores” in the Carmen Suite n1 by Bizet

  9. Hey it’s that music they play after the f1 podium

  10. Try do as mamy move as you can to break the game

  11. Carmen Bizet – Overture

    Defo my favourite orchestral music

  12. Why the formula 1 podium music combined so well

  13. "Music name after the video"

    YouTube now allowing time skips in shorts: 💀

  14. Formula one podium celebration music
    Classic ain't it

  15. He sacrifices the KNIGHT!!! the idea is if black takes then its PROMOTION!!! for white pawn princess…

  16. Every F1 fan: The champagne!!! 🍾🍾🍾🍾

  17. I would be scared of the 50 move rule even though I know it was like only half of it

  18. я испугался что это стилмейт.

  19. He did not just take his own pawn did he or am i just straight up hallucinating??
    Btw pin me since i also noticed and pointed it out.

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