Final moments of 18-year-old Abdusattorov beating Magnus Carlsen for the 1st time in Classical Chess

18-year-old Uzbek hero Nodirbek Abdusattorov has created history. He just defeated the World no.1 Magnus Carlsen with the Black pieces in the 5th round of Tata Steel Chess 2023! This is the first time Magnus has lost 2 games in a row since Norway Chess 2015.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus will comeback 🙂 and win the tournament

  2. Nodirbek Abdusattorov yutadi xudo xohlasa shu turnirda

  3. узбек пушка проста

  4. Losing is part of being a player !! But magnus is not too old to take revenge…

  5. "Success is when all are shocked when u lose"….

  6. Abdusattarov, Arjun Erigaisi may be in top 10 by the end of 2023.

  7. when someone defeats magnus, magnus defeats him atleast 3 times just to compensate.😀

  8. Nodbirek had also beated Magnus in world rapid 2021. That was also english opening I think. Similar kind of endgame also.

    History repeats itself.
    Hence proved. Lol 😂😂

  9. Did they check his opponent for anal beads?

  10. I am from Uzbekistan and I enjoyed this commenters comments watching whole match on this channel. Even I don't know his name but very good commenter

  11. Nodirbek Totally demolished Magnus 2 times. Now we wait for thirth🤣🤣🤣

  12. He's glorious! Our Pragg will defeat him for the world championship some day! 🏆 🚀 💪 🐐

  13. What I love about Nordiberk is that he is just as ice cold as Magnus, maybe even more so….he never gets nervous with Magnus, he plays as if he is the better one…

  14. This game was so crazy, cause Magnus also made blunder moves, but still tried to fight. What I loved the most that Nodirbek can stay cool and focused. But respect for both players ✊👏👏👏👏



  16. As I am Uzbek.
    I am so happy what I read comments below, because most of chess fans are interested in Nodirbek' game.

  17. Bravo nodirbek you will win all about chess inshalloh I'm proud of you 👍👍

  18. Nodirbek and Firouzja (Hope Firouzja is not caught by the matrix like Tate) at a whole different level … India also has a lot of young juggernauts like Pragg, Arjun, Gukesh, Nihal, etc…

  19. Well ofcourse he cheated. Since there are only a handful of players who could defeat Magnus with black pieces like Nodirbek did, so he must've cheated

  20. Nice commentary. Is it me or is Magnus constantly in Blitz mode? I'm really surprised at the poor play Magnus shows here.

  21. Here come the Nodirbandwagoners 400 elo crowd 🤣

  22. Wanna see him as a contender for World Championship against carlsen….. Gud luck nodirbek

  23. this kid has a strong potential to become a world champion

  24. Omad Nodirbek mehnatlarizni rohatini koring

  25. Did magnus lose 2 times in classical chess

  26. It is painful to watch Magnus lose back to back games but interesting thing is, I felt the same pain when Vishy lost to Magnus!

  27. q+pawn vs q endgame still required lot of precision from black. Abdusattorov played it very carefully, did not rush moves, this is sign of mature player, cold blooded .
    He realized that he had big advantage because white king was pretty much trapped in h1 quarter of the board and could not get out of there. It was almost like black played 3 pieces vs one. If Abdusattorov would allow white king to join the action, it would have been draw.

    Nice educational endgame how to convert extra pawn in queen endgame. It is not possible in every position, but here it was possible and black played it with condifence.

  28. Too bad nordibek doesnt have a history of cheating online for magnus to withdraw and accuse him of cheating 😂

  29. What a game . This shows how strong and confident Nodirbek is . He just won cold-bloodedly

  30. The brightest of young generation. His battles with alireza is what the chess future has for us.

  31. Nodirbek New champion INSHA'ALLAH 🇺🇿

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