Fighting Against the Alekhine’s Defense | Classical Chess

This video features just one hard-fought classical game — played in the Classical Shield Arena on

Analyze the game here:

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  1. ok not checkmate…but take your knight for free..

  2. Hey Eric will we get any recap of the tournament in Australia? I liked when you and kostya did those.

    Also I would love for you and John Bartholomew to work on some chessable stuff. You really should reach out. That would benefit you, him and chessable and the entire chess community.

  3. Love your videos eric, been watching so much lately & learnt so much! such a lovely guy too, thanks mayn!! 🙂

  4. Can you elaborate a bit more on this opening and maybe play a few games yourself as black ? On Lichess this is the opening with best results overall for black. I wonder what are the reasons for it. Is this opening based on traps or are there specific reasons why this opening is bad at high level of play ?

  5. Wait Eric doesn't know alekhine theory? I formally challenge you, Eric Rosen to a game of chess.

  6. I always like your longer games. It really gives a look into your thoughts/ideas during a game, and is much more learnful than those fast games as you also think yourself.

  7. Your rating is going down Eric, whats happening?

  8. If you write a book, the title should be "Terrifying with arrows" by Eric Rosen

  9. Can can't you play knight to b3 when deciding blacks b6 pawn break. I'm failing to see it 🤔😒

  10. why couldn't he have just taken the f pawn at the end with his queen for mate

  11. Holy smokes that was one heck of an insane game… thought you gonna lose that one😋

  12. Finally I can explain something to Eric 😀

    0°C the water turns to ice
    14/15°C are very often the lowest temperatures which you can set in your car and room (its probably around 60°F)

    then we have normal room temperature: between 20-25°C (68-77°F).

    And the body temperature is 36,6°C (96,8°F)

    The next point is faaaar away – it's 100°C which meand "boiling water".

    Thanks for all the chess stuff – love you much 😉
    Greetings from a metrical chess fan

  13. I see now that rufat2001 account is closed on lichess

  14. Yoü deserved the win, he really underestimated your counter – Ra1. He thought you were on the the ropes, you thought you were on the ropes, we all thought you were on the ropes – but no! Knock out in the last round, tense game, nice to watch and happy to see you winning in the end!

  15. 43:36 what if … Re4; Nc6
    Then if … Qxb5 ; qd8+ Kh7 ; Ne7 threatening Qg8++?

  16. Hi Eric, thank you for this video! Shouldn't your opponent have played Knight E5 taking your pawn as soon as you played King G3 on move 37? You couldn't take his knight with either piece and he'd have threatened checkmate on F3..?

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