fastest pawn promotion in chess


  1. People who were busy focusing on Team White, missed the Black Pawn's Promotion and were like where's the fastest promotion?Gimme a thumbs up!👍If you don't mind…

  2. I made an alt account and beat up the 10 year olds

  3. I can't tell if this is the lowest rated game I've ever seen or the highest lmao

  4. It’s not how people actually play, you won’t put the queen there lol

  5. 1. E4 e5 2. F4 ef 3. Kf3 g5 4. Kc3 g4 5. Ke5 Qh4 6. g3 fg 7. Qg4 b2 8. Qh4 a1Q

    This is quaade gambit

  6. I promoted my pawn on move 7 today and finished the game with a 91% accuracy, if anyone's interested I'll link it

  7. B- but then the Queen's trapped.. And you're barely developed.. White will just play g3 and probably double up and go for the King!!

    He doesn't have to go for the queen bcz its trapped right?

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