Eye of The Keymer | Keymer vs Carlsen || Grenke Chess Classic (2019)

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Vincent Keymer vs Magnus Carlsen
Grenke Chess Classic (2019), Karlsrue, GER, rd 1, Apr-20
Benoni Defense (A65)

1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 c5 3. d5 g6 4. Nc3 d6 5. e4 Bg7 6. Nf3 O-O 7. Be2 e5 8. O-O Ne8 9. Ne1 f5 10. exf5 gxf5 11. f4 Nd7 12. Nd3 e4 13. Nf2 Bxc3 14. bxc3 Ndf6 15. Be3 Ng7 16. Qe1 Bd7 17. Nd1 Ba4 18. h3 Bxd1 19. Qxd1 Qe8 20. Kf2 Qg6 21. Rg1 Kh8 22. a4 Rg8 23. Qf1 Nfh5 24. g3 Raf8 25. Qg2 Qf6 26. Rac1 Qd8 27. Qh2 Nf6 28. g4 Nd7 29. g5 Qa5 30. g6 h6 31. Rb1 Rb8 32. Qg3 Qd8 33. Ke1 Ne8 34. Kd2 Nf8 35. Bf2 Qe7 36. Ke3 Qf6 37. Kd2 Nxg6 38. h4 Ne7 39. Qh3 Rxg1 40. Rxg1 Qf7 41. h5 Nf6 42. Bh4 b6 43. Rb1 Qf8 44. Rg1 Qf7 45. Rb1 Qg7 46. Rg1 Qf8 47. Kc2 Nfg8 48. Kd2 Qf7 49. Kc2 Rf8 50. Kd2 Qe8 51. Ra1 Rf7 52. a5 bxa5 53. Rxa5 Nc8 54. Ra1 Qf8 55. Rb1 Nb6 56. Rg1 Rg7 57. Rxg7 Kxg7 58. Qg3+ Kh8 59. Qg6 a5 60. Bf1 a4 61. Kc2 a3 62. Kb3 Na4 63. Bh3 Qg7 64. Qxg7+ Kxg7 65. Bxf5 Nf6 66. Kxa3 Nxc3 67. Bf2 Ne2 68. Ka4 Nxh5 69. Ka5 Nf6 70. Kb6 Kf7 71. Kc7 Ke7 72. Be3 Nd4 73. Bg6 h5 74. Bf2 Nf3 75. Bf5 Nd2 76. Bh4 e3 77. Bd3 Nf3 78. Bxf6+ Kxf6 79. Kxd6 h4 80. Kc7 Nd4 81. Kc8 e2

The 2019 GRENKE Chess Classic is a 10-player round-robin held in Germany from 22-29 April. The first 3 rounds are in Karlsruhe alongside the GRENKE Chess Open, then after two additional rounds in Karlsruhe and a rest day the last 4 rounds are in the Kulturhaus LA8 in Baden-Baden. The field features World Champion Magnus Carlsen and fellow Top 10 players Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Vishy Anand and Levon Aronian.

The time control is 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and then 15 minutes to the end of the game, with a 30-second increment from move 1. If players are tied for first place a rapid play-off will take place. Official website:

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  1. And nobody heard from this whiny bitch ever again

  2. 4:44 —> I translated it to the 2D board… 9:27 is the same spot as you were referring to at the 4:44 mark.

  3. why doesn't Keymer make the first move himself?

  4. title should have been "Eye of the Carlsen", right? since Keymer was the one caught in a "carlsen storm" a finding the "eye" multiple times with the time control

  5. why did the arbiter bro make first move for vincent?

  6. @15:06, can someone tell me why Carlsen doesn’t just take the hanging rook ok g1 with his queen?

  7. The coherent window univariately squeal because expansion postsurgically fold to a makeshift pansy. electric, attractive clover

  8. If Magnus had moved the one knight to F6 at 12:53, Vincent would have won the game, right?

  9. An epic encounter. Definitely worth watching. Magnus found the answer to Vincent’s seige engine tactics – turn on the drip feed and play a waiting game! Sometimes I think Vincent is a little too sharp for his own good. He obviously loves getting his teeth into tough positions. But what promise is there!

  10. 10:11 why Not Qxg8 Rxg8 Kxg8 and e2xh5 ? A rook and two Bishoff vs the Queen isnt Winning for White ?

  11. The giddy intestine findingsinitially cry because request correlatively shrug past a pretty swan. acid, bustling bestseller

  12. Min: 15:05 why is Magnus Carlsen not taking the pawn with the queen?

  13. at 12:40 after KnF6 why not pawn to G7 with check then takes the night with queen promotion pinning the G8 rook then queen takes queen then other queen to h4 then may be rook takes rook bishop takes rook and we are a piece up

  14. Better said (in English) would be "half his age" not "twice as young".

  15. Near the end Why keymer didn't grab the pawn on C5 with his king?

  16. 15:06 Keymer offers a rook sacrifice which Carlsen gratefully declines – 46. Rg1 Qf8

    Had he accepted he'd have lost both knights, his g5 pawn and likely the game.

  17. You can't blunder against Magnus, you might get away with one or two 2nd best moves, (which I call a silver medal move) but more often than not you need to play a perfect game if you wanna beat him.

  18. I am wondering if Carlsen is showing some signs of burnout given his error rate?

  19. I thought Vincent would sacrifice and take the pawn and once Carlsen takes back, Vincent would push his pawn checking Carlsen and then pushing for queen…

  20. "Mistakes a 14 y/o makes against the world champion for 7 hours straight"

  21. That was a fascinating game, for a total patzer that was a great explanation of the tactics and strategies. But the way Carlson set up the board to give his 2 knights strength was so fun, and then the way Keymer went after it was really a treat. I wonder what, if anything, they said to each other after the game?

  22. Agad: Wild caruana appears in the background
    Me: 😂

  23. I think Vincent needs to work on making relatively obvious moves much quicker. Also instead of P-g3, why not P-g4? Again. why K-e1 instead of P-h4 ?

  24. After 18 minutes I checked how long this video was gonna be………….wow 28 minutes😁

  25. i love how at the start when he said carlsen has to win cause draw loses points, he didnt even mention a loss

  26. Vicent dont exchange the queen, simply put the queen at the end line, then he will win. Actually.

  27. oh, i like this russian chess-commentator, coming back now cause of this evolution of kreymer, he plays against donchenko for the european championship turnament points for the world-championship, i guess.
    never the less, i grew up with that game from six years old on, defeated a second-town-chess-master ( fourty years older ) while iam in a hospital unit together wth this guy.
    that time we´ve got five tv channels, three west-minded, and the two east german broadcasters. i was able to watch various matches of spassky and the attemps of the german competitor hübner. later the russian overhelming chess-playing with karpow and kasparov was a unbelievable viewing.
    ok, while your playing chess you normaly make no war, as simple as it is.

  28. Only the World Champions can make their opponent nervous just by moving pieces around

  29. I don't know why, but I don't find Carlson entertaining at all. He plays like a machine.

  30. Psychology is something in chess. A young player who has nothing to lose will dare to try all the unusual moves Vs a well established world champion who has everything to lose is not fair

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