Explained: The Biggest Cheating Scandal in Chess History (Part 1)

This video explains part 1 of the the biggest cheating scandal in chess history. This Magnus Carlsen/Hans Niemann, chess cheating scandal has rocked the chess world and wild theories, from sex toys (anal beads), to leaked prep have emerged. There are big names involved, such as Hikaru Nakamura and Danny Rensch of Chess.com and people want things explained. What really happened in the Sinquefield Cup Round 3, in St. Louis, and what next for chess following the biggest chess cheating scandal of all time!?

Part 2 here:

Hans Niemann’s Round 5 (Sinquefield Cup) interview:

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  1. Beware of explainers: they presume superiority.

  2. The report of the investigation is clear: he cheated over 100 times, even in games with $ prizes

  3. No evidence = no guilt. Circumstantial doesn’t cut it.

  4. If the kid was really screaming, Ahmed would be really angry. No other player heard the screaming?
    I don’t believe, kid screamed. Dirty draw

  5. Hans Niemann is solving chess. I know what he's doing because I'm doing the same thing myself. I'll share in a video the new chess theory that these super-GMs are using. What Hans is a threat to is chess publishing, since once he hits 3200 or so (and he will), everyone else's courses won't sell except as beginner's methods. That 900 point gap between us and the engines will close. Like all original video games, chess is solvable and will be solved just as those games were.

  6. The only ones defending hans probably dont play chess or arent that good at it cuz 100% accuracy against Gms is Impossible

  7. @7:12 The real question is had any chess computer been found 'inside' Hans' person.

  8. It's priceless to see an adult throwing a tantrum like a 7yr old 😂😂😂

  9. 3:48 – he is Portuguese, and the J in Jose is pronounced as a J, not an H.

  10. I can beat them both in my sleep. And only in my sleep

  11. he act like a cheater and looks like a cheater !!

  12. Im with Magnus, if nothing else then just because how irritating to me is that stupid Niemanns haircut.

  13. "Yes I have cheated in the past, but only twice and never when it mattered."

    The lamest excuse out of every cheater's mouth. First of all, in a large number of cases, this proves to be a lie as well, because WHY would you admit to all the cheating you do?!? Also.. once a cheater, you might be curious… twice a cheater and you just show you are willing to do anything for a win if you think you can get away with it.

    I really do not understand the chess federation. He admitted to cheating multiple times.. he has no place in the professional chess scene.

    You only have your credibility until you squander it away.. once you do, you will never ever be fully trusted again. That's life. Choices have consequences, sometimes lasting ones.

  14. “Okay- I got the beads stuffed up there- remember it’s 1 buzz for X and 2 for Y position “
    Yeah sure.

  15. Nothing better than watching a fight between 2 nerds

  16. Lets be honest he dosent even seem like a genius lol. Hes clearly cheating. Like obviously.

  17. The way I see it not one shred of evidence was found to suggest that cheating had takenplace, it appears that Magnus has been top dog for so long that he can't handle loosing, there for anyone that beats him must be cheating Magnuses ego is the real issue.

  18. hans probably has a vibrator in his ass that sends morse code that tells him the best moves

  19. "Chess speaks for itself" lol no, it doesn't. it's too hard to see for normal people but for chess prodigies if you play against an AI and a human regularly they'd know the difference. That's what happens if they invent a program designed to win in every match against a human they take advantage of it 💀

  20. Hans Niemann looks and acts like a total douchebag. If that guy approached me and said good day, I'd look at the sky the check if it's the nighttime.

  21. Did his game suffer after they instituted the 15min delay?

  22. It's a difficult one this. It 'smells' of cheating but then I think to myself if Hans DID have vibrating beads in his anus then surely they would be picked up by the guy examining him with the wand before the match.

  23. Hans Niemann looks like a Disney character that cheats.

  24. Of course Niemann will get away with it and more. He's American.

  25. When a American cheat’s its everything but cheating.😂😂😂

  26. What is it with chess champions not able to get a decent hair cut?

  27. there is no proof of him cheating but carlsen withdrew from it based on his assumptions 🤔it sure looks like being a sore loser since there was no proof

  28. Of course a spoiled little now grown guy was undefeated and some young kat comes through and beats him..bed 100 Mag was throwing his chess toys all night

  29. Seems like Magnus does not give a shit. He knows he is the best, and the only way to win is to cheat…

  30. No matter what high level sport or game, there will always be someone to call out foul play in certain scenarios. Usually it happens if the game is not going your way. Will we ever know, not sure.

  31. At least he doesn't support rape, abuse, kidnap, pedophilia, and misogyny like you!

    (The guy behind this chanel is a err of Andrew Tate)

  32. Magnus must have heard or felt the vibrating from the "anal beads" turned up too high. lol

  33. I think it's cool that when the cheater walked out and said Chess speaks for itself-in the background is a wall advertising FTX. Is that cool or what.

  34. Hans probably cheated although there's no physical evidence… Plenty of cheats in the past have been forgiven by fans (Maradona, Suarez for example) but what makes me hate Hans is his pathetic use of the legal system to try to profit off of the implication that he cheated. Public figures who can say whatever they want – only a talentless hack who couldn't make it on merit would sue for that.

  35. I don’t understand. Why go thru with all this drama. Do a rematch that is not a live event but private. Give Hans an anal examination and see who wins.

  36. Hans used a wallhack and an aimbot. He always used to see what was behind Carlsens pieces

  37. First thing I did was set this video to 1.5x speed.

  38. If you'd cheat online when it means NOTHING, you'd cheat in person for millions of dollars. It's that simple.
    I mean, why not just have the players play in a room that silences radio waves (just HARD-LINE internet for admin & broadcast) & also make them walk through a metal detector?

  39. Hans should be put through an airport body scanner before each game so they can see whats hiding up there.

  40. Its all bs…. Carlsen being a sore loser. If Hans cheated where is the proof?

  41. Carlsen is just an old guardian who is scared of being replaced.

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